Types Of Crystal Forms 2

Types Of Crystal Forms 2

Types Of Crystal Forms 2. Crystals can grow in many formations from simple geometries to very complex clusters, yet each is unique in its potential as a tool. Here is an introduction to some natural crystal formations, a description of the crystal shape, and what it is used for.

Diamond Window

A Diamond Window Crystal has a four sided flat face in a vertical diamond shape between two of its six faces. The window can be from the base to its apex. These crystals are good in meditation or going within in search of clarity, and inner peace. Gazing into the window creates a doorway into higher dimensions and spiritual guidance.

Double Termination

A Double Terminated Crystal has a termination or point apex at both ends of the crystal. Its energy can act like a bridge between gaps. It is an essential healing tool because it can absorb and radiate energy from both of its points simultaneously. It is perfect for removing energy blockages and breaking up energy that has stagnated or created a life pattern like addiction. These crystals assist in integrating into wholeness and balancing the subconscious with the conscious self.

Dow Temple Heart Crystal

The Dow crystal has three seven sided faces that alternate with three triangle faces that all reach an apex equally. This is a rare formation and is one of the stone forms with the highest frequency where great spiritual knowledge can be gained. The Dow temple heart crystal associates with the Goddess Quan Yin the Goddess of compassion and Divine healing power.

Elestial Crystal

An Elestial crystal has many natural terminations covering or layering the whole body and faces, creating a multilayered crystal. Elestials are the most powerful crystals that can channel information from higher planes and beings and translate that information into understandable terms. They are multidimensional tools that ground higher frequencies into the slower vibrations of our world. They attract communication from the Angelic realms and can also assist in past life recollection, to bring the wisdom and healing from these into wholeness and balance again. It is a Universal stone for all forms of healing treatment.

ET Rocketship Crystal

An Et Rocketship Crystal has smaller crystal terminations at one end of a double terminated crystal. Some Et crystals grow many small crystals that make the main crystal look like a rocketship out of a sci fi movie. ET crystals are said to have been programmed off the planet by extraterrestrial beings. These are great for communicating with any of the Star families and for assisting us in healing our own planet Mother Earth with the wisdom gained from our Star family ancestors and friends.


An Etched crystal has natural indentations or etchings that can be geometrical or hieroglyphic in design. They are said to also be programmed from other worldly beings and assist in the spiritual awakening of our humanity. These crystals are good for meditation and expanding states of consciousness. It is a crystal of remembering who we truly are, a multidimensional being who is part of the Galactic Society.


A Gateway crystal has one or more indentations or depressions that can be filled with water for scrying. It is used for attuning your consciousness to parallel universes, to time travel through dimensions, and to be a gateway into simultaneous realities and timelines.


The Generator crystal has six equal faces which all meet at its apex perfectly. These crystals balance the heavens and earth, and the human being’s connection with the electromagnetic fields of the Earth and the Sun. They are very powerful healers and generator clusters are even more powerful for healing any illness or traumatic experiences. Generators are assisting Mother Earth and all of her creations to shift into a higher dimensional frequency. They are the best for healing and sealing the aura or for increasing a person’s vitality.


Geode crystal cave. These miners are inside a Gypsum Selenite Geode in Niaca Mexico, temperature is 38 degrees, hot and humid. Photo credit to Javier Garcia.
A Geode crystal is formed when heat is within a bubble of host rock that usually has a roundish outer shell. It then contains a cave of many crystal points in clusters that have grown from within its walls. Geodes are good at gently diffusing energies in the environment offering protection and spiritual growth. Geodes are broken in half to see what is hidden inside. A Geode is guiding us to find knowledge and wisdom from within, inside of ourselves instead of seeking for answers in the outside world.

Included Crystal

An included crystal has within its form another type of mineral like iron, chlorite, silver, copper rutile, manganese and there are many others. These crystals will have a particular energy about them depending upon what the substance of the inclusion is, and in what form that inclusion has been captured.

Isis Crystal

The Isis crystal has on its main face a five sided flat face that comes to a sharp point at its top. It is named after the Egyptian Goddess Isis who was known for her amazing healing skills. It is a crystal of balance like the five elements it represents. It is a heart crystal, that heals on all levels of your being so that you can manifest your hearts desires. A crystal of unconditional love and acceptance.

Key Crystal

A key crystal will have a geometric indentation in one of its sides which can become narrow as it penetrates deeper into the crystal. The indentation usually has from three to six sides. It is a doorway to unlock hidden information which could mean revealing aspects about yourself that you were not aware of but need to know, when change is needed. It is a crystal that helps you to awaken from illusion and to bring about integrity.

Laser Wand

A laser crystal is a naturally formed long and slender quartz crystal that can be frosty and tapers towards its apex in one point. It acquired its name from its ability to amplify the energies into a beam that is a powerful healing instrument that can cut energies like a sword or a laser. It is used in psychic surgery for removing unwanted energy attachments or negative entities from one’s auric field and physical organs. The laser crystal will remove all sorts of negativity swiftly, and create movement when directed at energy blockages.

Lemurian Seed Crystal

The lemurian crystal is usually a long tapered crystal that has horizontal stepped, grooved lines across its faces, and can sometimes have heiroglyphic etchings. These crystals have been programmed from the lost civilization of Lemuria, whose continent sank beneath the pacific ocean. The etched grooved lines contain information about their civilization, and only those who are psychically trained or spiritually adept will be able to retrieve all of the crystal’s information. However meditating with one of these crystals and with a pure intention at heart will open the link to a higher state of consciousness where Lemurian guides can assist revealing the wisdom from their time. Many Lemurian seed crystals are found in the sand in Diamantina Brazil.


A crystal that is mostly flat and in layered plates, like Kyanite or Mica. These crystals assist in integrating the layers of the self and to see where the connections to patterned thoughts and behaviors come from. Layered crystals have a dispersing energy quality to them.

Master Programmer

A Master Programmer Crystal usually has many geometries and pictograms within it or outside of it in etched form. They also can have a mixture of geometry on their faces like a five sided face, a seven sided face and a three sided face. All master programmers are used to keep you on a spiritual path of wisdom, love and understanding. It harnesses the Divine energies and grounds this into your daily routine integrating the physical with the spiritual, the mystical with the mundane. A master programmer assists you to connect with the Ascended masters and the wisdom teachers like Gods and Goddesses of all cultures.

Occluded Crystal

An occluded crystal is one that has an outer coating of another mineral material that has been absorbed into the crystal surface. These crystals heighten the quality of the host crystal that they coat, and the qualities you wish to absorb are depending upon what the coating is made of. Their properties are like 2 or more crystals in one.

Phantom Crystal

A phantom crystal usually occurs in quartz when one crystal has partially manifested within another host crystal. It can be formed from another mineral and has a ghostly appearance. These are amazing crystals because it is like viewing the manifestation processes frozen in time. Phantoms can have various meanings but essentially they assist in the stages of evolution, and stages of achieving your goals. They are a crystal to overcome obstacles and stagnation. They allow us to see how everything is connected, reminding us that we need to live in the moment and continue to create with joy.

Portal Time Link Crystal

The portal quartz usually has a small parallelogram face on one of its sides near the apex. When looking at the main face of the crystal, the portal will face either to the left or to the right side of the crystal. When the portal is facing towards the right it activates the left side of our brains or yin, and assists us with feminine energies, emotional healing and achieving our goals. When the portal is facing towards the left, it activates the right side of our brains or yang, and it assists us with our masculine energies for our creativity, inventiveness and determination.

Raised Record Keeper

A Raised Record Keeper crystal has a raised triangle that appears near the apex. The triangle can be close to the surface, or even only reflected on its face. This crystal can be used for retrieving information about your cellular memory and DNA. It is a crystal library of information about our Universe, the Atlantean, Lumerian and ancient Egyptian civilizations.
It is programmed from star beings within our universe. Usually meditating with it will reveal information that you needed to know, especially if you are seeking guidance about your life soul purpose.

Rutilated Crystal

A Rutilated crystal is a clear quartz crystal that has strands of fibers within it of another metallic mineral like copper, silver, gold, titanium and actinolite. The strands can look like fine wires which can face in many directions, or be like in a wave facing the same direction. It is an excellent stone for telepathy, receiving ideas, and for developing your psychic ability.


A Scepter crystal is a larger, wider crystal that has formed around or from one end of the main crystal body. It is a crystal that enhances your individual sovereignty as a Divine Spiritual Multidimensional being who has the power to create and manifest. It has generating energies that like to amplify and protect the aura giving you vitality and confidence.

Reverse Scepter

A Reverse Scepter has a crystal termination at one end that grows smaller than the main crystal body. It transmutes all negative energies and replaces them with positive energy. This crystal also helps us to overcome illusions and being stuck in duality consciousness. A reverse sceptre can help us to go back and look at things differently.

Self Healed Crystal

The Self Healed crystal is a crystal that has broken during formation and heals itself by growing small crystals from the breakage point. These are master healing tools, teaching us how to heal ourselves and assist others to heal too.

Tantric Twin and Soulmate

The Tantric Twin or Soulmate crystal is formed when two crystals grow together from the same base and in the same direction like true buddies. The word ‘Tantra’ means unity of energies and therefore these crystals can be used on the inner level to meld your soul and spirit together. In the outer world you can use a tantric twin to programme and attract your soulmate, a partnership that is connected on all levels not just the physical and ego but also the spiritual. Twin crystals are not only for intimate relationships but can be used to heal friendships between people.

Spirit Quartz Crystal

Spirit quartz is formed when one large main crystal is covered over with many small crystal points. Most spirit crystals are made from amethyst and citrine. They are crystals that have joyful energies, and connect you to your creative higher self. Fairy kingdoms love them and these crystals offer powerful protection and purification in all realms.

Tabular Crystal

A Tabular crystal is a crystal that is flatter than a normal quartz crystal. It consists of two main flat sides and tapers on one end. It is a balancing stone that brings harmony to yourself and the environment. The tabular crystal has a very high vibration and is good for interdimensional communication with your true spiritual soul essence and guides.

Tourmalinated Crystal

Tourmalinated quartz crystal has inclusions of the mineral Tourmaline inside of it and around its surface. The color can vary from black, green, to red and amber colored. It brings together the qualities of quartz and tourmaline, so it depends upon the color of the tourmaline what it will be used for. Green tourmalinated quartz is good for healing any blockages. Black tourmaline is good for psychic protection and grounding yourself especially after meditation. Red tourmaline is a good blood purifier and assists with issues around passions and self confidence..

Water Bubble Enhydro Quartz

Water Bubble Enhydro quartz has a bubble of water inside the quartz crystal that has been encased when the quartz was formed. It moves around in a small pocket of the quartz. Enhydro quartz is good for cultivating intuition, compassion and empathy towards others. It assists us in being true with our own emotions and honoring them in a balanced way. They are good for emotional healing and for developing stronger intuitions.

This article written by Anita Allen.

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