Types Of Crystal Forms 1

Types Of Crystal Forms

Types Of Crystal Forms 1. Crystals can grow in many formations from simple geometries to very complex clusters, yet each is unique in its potential as a tool. Here is an introduction to some natural crystal formations, a description of the crystal shape, and what it is used for.

Abundance Manifestation Crystal

An Abundance crystal has one larger main crystal point with 7 or more smaller crystal points around the large one at its base. It is used to assist in bringing you abundance of all types into your life.


An Amorphous has no particular form or shape and its forms are sometimes massive. Amorphous stones have energetic, strong and fast moving energies which can be directional or multidirectional in nature.

Ancestral Time Line Crystal

An Ancestral Timeline crystal has a long large flat edge that travels up one side of the main crystal point usually from the base up to the apex. This crystal is used to heal wounds left from loved ones that have passed on, or to assist family communications in the present. It is also used to call upon ancestral wisdom and guidance.

Atlantis Crystal

An Atlantis crystal can have heiroglyphic markings etched upon it, or it is shaped like an Atlantean temple, with one tall crystal and others growing upwards around it. The Atlantis will also have triangles upon its surface as a reflection or only slightly raised. These crystals have a library of information about Atlantis and their crystal technologies. An Atlantean sunken record keeper has an upward pointing triangle which is naturally cut or sunken into the main crystal surface. It is used for retrieving information from ancient civilizations including records from Atlantis.


A Barnacle crystal has one large crystal with smaller crystals growing off of the main one at irregular intervals. It is used for group communication and to help solve problems within a community where people need to be working together in harmony.

Bridge Crystal

A bridge crystal has one or more other crystals growing along the main one creating a bridge. The bridge can grow at any angle and some may even be double terminated. It assists in bringing energies together, for drawing opportunities into your life that will bridge any gaps towards your goals. It is also used to heal disagreements between people, and a great tool for all sorts of communication.

Cathedral Crystal

A Cathedral crystal usually is a plain colored large crystal with one large point, where multiple lesser points are growing along the sides of its main body in a parallel manner. The lesser points are always embedded into the main crystal. These crystals are the richest in ascension information that can assist you in raising your frequency of vibration, and are a great tool for lightbody activation. You can be guided into the Akashic library of information for your soul purpose mission.

Channelling Crystal

A Channelling crystal has at least one seven sided face on the main crystal point,or up to three which run up its sides. Some have only one seven sided face and when it reaches the apex there is a triangle face on the opposite side, that slides backwards. It is used for channeling your higher self and spiritual guidance from higher dimensional Ascended masters.


A Cluster is a group of crystal points all growing in any direction away from one major base. These crystals generate a lot of power for the intention that is programmed into them. They are wonderful for space clearing and for healing rooms or groups of people. Some clusters are used to dispel negativity from other crystals that could have absorbed negativity during a healing. Clusters are good at charging other crystals with more energy.


A Companion crystal has another crystal growing out of the main crystal by being entwined together. They are great for companionship and very supportive or nurturing in all our relationships.


A Cross occurs when one crystal grows across another at a right angle to make a cross pattern. A cross crystal grounds your spiritual into the physical, gently opening you up to the vibrations of the Divine Cosmos. It is valued for any type of spiritual study and assists in clearing or removing any blockages around the aura and chakras. It is especially good for energy cord cutting.

This Article written by Anita Allen.

To Be Continued In Part 2.

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