The 13 Dimensions Of Intelligent Source

The 13 Dimensions Of Intelligent Source

A human being is a multidimensional being, composed of matter, light, sound, geometry, spiritual essence and layers of dimensions. We are receivers and transmitters of intelligent field waves of information that flows to and from a Universal Field within the Creator source field. The Spirit Intelligence, created levels of individuated sparks of consciousness, that could explore the multiverse as an individual yet be aligned to its original state of oneness with the creator. One way the creative intelligence individuates itself, is by a system of energy layers and dimensions, that can merge the Spirit into matter and density.

On the Human level there are energy layers in the Auric Field, which interpenetrate with all the bodily matter, down to the very cells and atoms. Although we are in the 3rd Dimension of the physical we interact with the other dimensions via our consciousness.
We are conduits of communicative information based upon our experiences, that collect, store, process, transform and transmit this information.
All of this information is constantly in communication with Creator Source, and also the Creator Intelligence is in communication with us. A human is a receiver and transmitter of energy and information that relates to our body, our thoughts and emotions, our environment, other beings, and back to the Source, in every single moment, even across parallel timelines.

We are all interconnected, so we need to be mindful of what we are creating in our own individual experience, and also be responsible on a collective level of what we are doing, and why we are really doing it. We only physically see a limited amount of our reality in the light spectrum, but share our experience with other dimensional energies and beings from those dimensions that overlap with the 3rd dimension. Mother Earth is also intimately connected with us, and many of us are tuning into her conscious energy fields, at sacred sites and by spending time in nature.


The 13 Dimensions and Associations

Following is an interpretation of the 13 dimensions, and you can research to find what resonates with you. I imagine the dimensions as a layering of torus spheres like a torus donut form, where everything comes back to its center. Information and energies spiral through the torus fields from individual self to the Divine Source and back again. In other words from the center of the torus to the outer edge of the torus and back to its center.

It is the state of consciousness that can spiral through the 13 dimensions and eventually transform matter into light. Once you have mastered a certain level of understanding and skill in using your energies and thought consciousness, then you can expand into other dimensions for longer periods of time and refine your physical matter.

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1st Dimension

Dense forms like the crystal and mineral kingdom which can accumulate information and experience in matter over a long period of time. Gravity, body awareness, Innate hereditary nature, Molecules, bacteria, chemistry, DNA/RNA crystalline structures. The first Auric layer of the human body. Beliefs and basic programming.

Energy Body Associations
1st base/root chakra, physical survival, the coccyx of the spine, stability, grounding, our connection to Mother Earth. Music note C that channels the energy from the crown down to the base chakra for personal drive and to purify. The 1st Auric layer within the top layer of the skin which protects the body.

2nd Dimension

The 4 elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water. Elemental beings who keep them in balance travel from the 6th dimension down to the 2nd when needed.
Trees, plants, animals, birds, fish and insects. Magnetism, dimensions of width and length.

Energy Body Associations
2nd sacral/navel chakra, sexuality, desires, base emotions. Music note D which attunes the entire etheric body. The 2nd Auric layer outside of the skin about 2 inches which connects the internal world with the external world. The emotional and feeling body.

3rd Dimension

Intellect and duality consciousness, fragmented thoughts, consensus reality, and linear time. The building of ego personality and the sensual world.
The physical senses and structures of length, width, height and depth. Learning about your individual energies and body in matter. Creating with thought.
The balancing of the intellect with the intuition of the heart.

Energy Body Associations
3rd Solar plexus chakra, personal power, self-esteem, self-image, being independent, ego identity, attachments to the material world. Music note E that helps to stimulate creativity. The 3rd Auric layer web that is 1.5 feet around the body. This layer is where energy cords can tap into multidimensional knowledge and relate information between people.

4th Dimension

The crossroads of relationships, learning about relationships with loved ones alive or departed. Spiritual guides, and the astral realms. Astral travel, dreams, telepathic communication. Mastering dualities, Electrical currents, giving and receiving, connecting the higher energies with the lower. The mastering of beliefs and attitudes. Memories from feelings.

Energy Body Associations
4th Heart chakra, compassion, unifying, soul level awareness, playfulness of the inner child. Music note D# which stimulates the immune system, heals and balances energies. The 4th Auric layer 1 foot around the body, the realm for Archetype symbols or patterns.

5th Dimension

The awakened higher heart center between the heart and throat, bursting through the limitations of the previous dimensions. Integration of spiritual awareness, self realization and unified polarities. Ability to see light geometries, and follow soul purpose. The vibration of Love. Manifesting of abundance.

Energy Body Associations
5th throat chakra which is an expression of true communication. The ability to hear and speak with your higher self, Spirit guides and Angels. Music note G that opens to a greater self-expression and purges to release all negative energies. The 5th Auric layer 2 feet around the body linking spiritual energies with the body. The gate of the soul and astral cord at the base of the head/back of the neck. Projecting consciousness and learning teleportation.

6th Dimension

Unified mental body where the Pineal and Pituitary glands have integrated with the crown chakra into an activated energy field. Sound geometry cymatics, vibrant colours and tones. Ascended beings who teach through symbols and Divine languages. A merging of the 5th and 7th dimensions for healing and lightbody adjustments from the source to the auric layers.

Energy Body Associations
6th brow chakra eye that reveals inner visions, spiritual truths, and has a greater power of influence over other mind fields. Music note F# which unifies the left and right hemispheres. The 6th Auric layer 3 feet around the body, the celestial body.

7th Dimension

Light body activation where the heart and crown energies have fully integrated. The rainbow body and the final last auric layer of individuality.
The spinal channel Sushumna connecting the energies of the Earth and Heavens. Light geometries as communication.

Energy Body Associations
7th crown chakra that consciously knows all is one and spiritualized mind. Music note B that strengthens the skeletal systems and balances the auric fields. The 7th Auric layer is an egg shaped oval 3.5 feet around the body which connects the spiritual oneness with the individual energies. It is the last auric layer surrounding the physical body in a form.

8th Dimension

The Akashic records level where soul groups learn collectively for their development. The creation of light and sound geometries that flow into the previous dimensions. The Divine Spirit body of non linear time experience, simultaneous. Altered states of timelines and parallel realities.

Energy Body Associations
8th chakra about 2 inches about the crown it connects to your soul group and soul purpose. Music note high octave B and connects Universal energies and collective timelines. The 8th Auric field is a funnel of energies from a sphere around half a foot above the crown center.

9th Dimension

The Galactic self, and the collective consciousness of star systems in the Galaxy. Planetary systems with more diversity of life forms that have their own structure of hierarchy or evolution. Ascended beings and light beings who assist in the evolution of a Galaxy.

Energy Body Associations
9th chakra is 1 foot above the crown. It is cosmic consciousness, inner knowing of the multiverse, with the ability to communicate with the collective consciousness of star systems. Music note A which helps to store the higher dimensional light frequencies before funneling them down gently to the previous 8 dimensions. The 9th Auric field is a funnel of energies from a sphere around 1 foot above the crown and assists with teleportation within a star system or galaxy.

10th Dimension

The individually designed Universe with specific source intelligence, spectrums of colour rays and vibrations for that Universe. The I AM embodied presence, the union of the physical with the spiritual, a refined being. Soul purpose blueprints and where souls review their life experiences, before planning their next incarnation into an individual form.

Energy Body Associations
10th chakra is 1 foot below your feet and 1 foot above the 9th chakra. The 10th chakra of Universal consciousness gives you the ability to remember your other forms and experiences upon other planets and star systems of a particular Universe.
These memories may include you being a Sun or planetary consciousness.
It helps with the Integration of the previous 9 dimensions of consciousness. Music note A# which regulates all light frequencies and geometries for an individual body as well as its collective experiences. The 10th Auric field is 1cm from the skin of the physical body and connects like a web all of the energies of the atoms and cells, flushing them with light coded information from all of the dimensions.

11th Dimension

Divine Feminine Principle, Universal Mother the prime material of the Universe and magnetism. The birthing of the universe with strong magnetic contractions. The Moon,
The Goddess, Grace, Divine visions, Gnosis, Yin receptive, energy absorption and transmission. A boundary for the previous 10 dimensions.

Energy Body Associations
11th chakra is the left hand, the left foot and 1 foot above the 10th chakra. This dimension is the Divine emotion/intuition or Angelic realm and connects you with your Angelic higher aspect. Music note C# which is good for etheric rejuvenation, it dissolves any negative energies and regulates the meridian channels. The 11th Auric field is 1 foot above the 10th chakra and assists in creation from unlimited potential. It accumulates the Universal and Earth energies at the base chakra of the spine until a certain time when it is released or birthed into the higher energy system.

12th Dimension

Masculine Divine Principle, Universal Father, the active and electric seed of the Universe.
The Sun, sovereignty, Wisdom, yang active, the electric spark.
The intention to act. The 12 strand DNA. Ascended beings who work with light and sound geometries that connect all yet create certain boundaries of structure between dimensions. The Divine mind incarnate in some form.

Energy Body Associations
12th chakra is the right hand and the right foot, it is also 1 foot above the 11th chakra. This is the dimension of Divine mind and manifestation by thought. The initiating energies begin to polarize for the previous dimensions from the 12th dimension. Music note is high octave C known as the tone of the soul. The 12th Auric field is 1 foot above the 11th chakra and balances the energies between the dimensions. It also creates a polarized circuit for the front and back of all chakras. It initiates the Microcosmic orbit of spiritual and Universal energies from below in the Earth, through the feet and the base of the spine, then up the spine to above the crown. The circuit flows down the front of the body and up the back of the body, refining the whole system with codes of light.

13th Dimension

Androgynous Union, a unified field, the intelligent Source Creator. The Multiverse , the creation of many Universes. Beyond all previous separations in creating one Universe. Interstellar gateways that link all Universes, Galaxies and forms. All creations originate from this energy field and always return to it.

Energy Body Associations
13th chakra is 1 foot above the 12th and also on the left thigh, it is the grand unifier of multidimensional energies. Music note G# regulates the multidimensional energies, and assists with higher forms of telepathy between the Multiverse. It links all previous 12 dimensional frequencies, and brings balance to them. The 13th Auric field is the Creator Source itself and interfaces with all of its creations.

Written by Anita Allen 

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