Inner Alchemy Of Self Transformation – Part 7 Coagulation

Part 7 – Coagulation.

Coagulation ” Thus you will obtain the glory of the whole universe, obscurity will be clear to you. “

1. Coagulation – Gold – the Sun – Crown chakra – Coagulating
Creating a solid golden body of light the spiritualizing of matter.


Coagulation is the 7th stage of inner alchemy that is a process of spiritualizing matter and creating the golden body of light. This is the refining of the physical, etheric, astral and soul bodies. Coagulation is the mastering of all dualities and working with the spiritual light which continues to raise your vibration and flood your cells with light that vivifies and enlightens.

It is the resurrected living soul and the immortal soul essence. During coagulation the spiritual light is a permanent vehicle of higher consciousness that has energized and harmonized all subtle and physical material. It is also the spiritualized brain ambrosia, the marriage of the pituitary. pineal and thymus glands.

The higher frequency vibrations that enlightens consciousness and creates a solid lightbody that interpenetrates the physical body. All inner organs also function in a higher state which slows down the aging process. All cells are flooded and nourished by the spiritual light. Coagulation inspirits the blood and bones, it heals all disease and unifies the organs into a higher functioning.

This is the greatest force of all powers overcoming every subtle thing and penetrating every solid thing. Coagulation is experienced as a second body of light that embodies the highest aspirations of mind. Coagulation incarnates and releases the ” ultima materia” of the soul and astral body which alchemists refer to as the “greater philosophers stone”.

A brain ambrosia is released through the interaction of light from the phallic shaped pineal gland and matter from the vulva shaped pituitary gland. It is the union of the 2. ” He was as large as a man and woman embracing, he divided himself in 2 and hence became as husband and wife, he then united himself with her”.
The Goddess Venus says ” I beget the light and the darkness (ignorance) is not of my nature, therefore nothing is better or more worthy than the conjuction of myself and my brother”.

This means the union of the pineal and pituitary master glands in their higher functioning become the means where you consciously connect with the Universe. You now have created a permanent vehicle of higher consciousness that can travel to other dimensions, timelines and see or feel what is happening there. Now you are a true Universal citizen who can co- create with God and manifest things into the material world more instantly.

Each stage of higher functioning reveals different psychic and spiritual powers that require a lot of responsibility and mastery. The alchemist has now created his or her Divine self and Divine mind. The goal of the alchemist was to remove any imperfections from their thoughts, feelings, emotions and actions. By bringing all base characteristics to a higher level of functioning, you now find your true state of Alchemical Gold.

Through the process of inner alchemy and transformation you will understand the importance of the base human nature and ego mind, which is the foundation and springboard into the higher planes of existence. If the Universe is energy in vibration, then the friction created by lower states of mind and emotion can be used to propel one upwards by unifying the energies, transforming the energies and learning to move the energies into the higher chakras. Self mastery takes time and daily practice, and it is an ongoing way of life to aspire to higher consciousness.

Coagulation is the last state of the inner alchemy practice but you never stop soul growth and learning. There are still more higher states to attain as you grow in light and love you will hold the frequency of vibration that you can handle within matter. There have been thousands of cases of buddhist monks attaining rainbow body which transfigures the physical body into pure rainbow light, and therefore no need for a physical body anymore. Coagulation is a stage of spiritulizing matter and bringing the higher states of consciousness into the physical realms.

Key Points For Coagulation

  • Deeper meditation and spiritual awareness.
  • Purification of mind, body, soul and spirit.
  • Mastering duality concepts and the 4 elements of nature.
  • Self mastery over the base human nature and ego characteristics.
  • A refined personality that has a core spiritual identity.
  • Expanded Divine consciousness and Universal Love.
  • Working with the higher dimensional energies and frequencies.
  • Service to others and working in conjunction with your spirit and Divine Will.
  • Spiritualizing your brain and crown chakra then grounding your light into matter.
  • Self realization and enlightenment gained through experience and knowledge.
  • Continuing to live with a higher purpose for the upliftment of humanity and the Earth.
  • Wholeness and completion that reveals there is no seperation.
  • Activating the higher functions of your brain and intentionally circulating and growing your inner spiritual light.

13 Crystals to assist in Coagulation


enhances the brain’s prefrontal lobes – expands visionary consciousness – Pychic powers that can access the higher dimensions – helps to embody your higher self within matter.

Clear Apophyllite

Attunes to the higher realms and energies of the Angelic plane – Prophetic visions that assists your spiritual path – clear communication from your higher self and holy Angel.

Elestial Quartz

Receives the full spectrum of light energies and enables you to resonate with a higher frequency without being burnt out – Integration of spiritual energies and information that is carried by the light – Higher knowledge and spiritual mastery in other dimensions.

Steller Beam Calcite

Stimulates the 3rd eye and crown chakras into a higher functioning – spiritulizing of the etheric body for direct experience with the higher realms – access into the Akashic records and higher knowledge – Invokes the spiritual light and infuses it into the aura – Divine mind and Divine will.

White Sapphire

Opens the powers of the mind and strengthens clear communication with spirit – Spiritual insights that is manifested during daily tasks – Integrity and maintaining your connection to your higher levels of consciousness.

Nirvana Quartzs

Enlightenment in the here and now – Linking of the brain intelligence with heart intelligence – The spiritual brain ambrosia – Deep and profound states during meditation – opens you to your true potential.


Transformation on all levels of being – Deeply activates the whole chakra system and stimulates the kundalini – Illumination of your darkest secrets and shadows which propel you higher – Clearing of all psychic debris in your life – Communication with the Universal community and extraterrestrial star families.


Activating the light body – assists in interdimensional travels where you can help others with information brought back with you – Hightened telepathy and remote viewing – increased focus – opening new energy pathways in the physical body to embody the higher frequencies.

Lemurian Quartz

Connecting fully with the Divine Feminine – attunement to the ancient Lemurian Libraries of knowledge – Unifying the heart – bringing in the christ consciousness and Divine energies- Initiating the light body activation process.


Brings you out of unconscious enslavement into conscious self mastery – Awakens insights into your Divine purpose on Earth – Strengthens the intelligence of the heart and the hearts higher functioning – links the pre frontal lobes of the brain with the heart – Universal trust and surrending to the Divine.

Mongolian Elestial Quartz

Shamanic spiritual experiences that initiates transformation and integration into higher states of being – embodiment of a vaster range of frequencies and energies- ability to translate the higher information coming through in outer body states – Unity consciousness and unconditional love.

White Phantom Quartz

Living in alignment of your soverign self not swayed by outer circumstances or others opinions – expressing yourself through the higher intelligence of the Universe – speaking and expressing your Angelic self clearly to assist others on this Earth.

Dow Temple Heart Quartz

Perceiving and expressing Divine compassion and spiritual love – Understanding the power of Universal Love and how it is the binding web of life in the Universe – Sacred geometry and the mysteries of sacred mathematics – Connection to the sacred sites of the Earth that also connect to the stars and Galaxy.

Hope you enjoyed this seventh blog on Self transformation and Inner Alchemy.

Blessings Anita.

Written by Anita Allen 

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