Inner Alchemy Of Self Transformation – Part 6 Distillation

Part 6 – Distillation.

Distillation ” It rises from Earth to Heaven and descends to Earth “

1. Distillation – Quicksilver – Mercury – Third eye chakra – Distilling
Soul and spirit being purified in the heavenly waters.


In the previous stage of Fermentation, the soul and spirit continue to work together which helps to refine the whole being. Distillation is the process where more spiritual energies come into the crown and there is a further stirring up of the psychic forces. This process reveals if there are any mental or emotional impurities that have been deeply hidden within the ego personality.

There can be challenges in your life that will force you to confront yourself of any imbalances like inflated ego or deeply programmed false identity. The personal ego now realizes the importance of the higher Divine will that can always see the bigger picture in difficult situations, and has an easier time at navigating around obstacles.

Distillation is the ability of merging with the collective reality but not being swayed by it because of an immature ego. We accept our darker aspects of our personality and acknowledge our denied soul desires that can cry out for our love and integration. We come to understand the paradox of being human and Divine. We have our human needs and our soul and Divine needs of expression in this world.

In the darkness there are talents, gifts and great powerful forces which are needed for the further Distillation process. It requires honest self evaluation in a way that is non-judgemental or critical. You continue to raise your inner forces, your personal kundalini but blend it with the Spiritual kundalini of the Universe. The two streams of energies become the bridge between Heaven and Earth, you are the lightning rod that continually creates balance.

Distillation is the heating up of the psychic and spiritual forces that refine all subtle bodies, and strengthen the bone and flesh so it can hold more high frequency light. A circuit is created from the base of the spine to the brain. Higher and lower aspects of your being blend together and become less dualistic, as the brain becomes more illuminated, many prior frictions fall away.

During distillation the pituitary. pineal and thymus glands become a unifed field of light. When this occurs you are connecting to the sublte forces of the sun and the core of the galaxy. Your soul force is quickened and you may feel subtle vibrations in the middle of your brain, top of your crown and third eye. They can intensify and also unify the throat and heart energy fields.

The consciousness and superconsciousness is merging with the I Am Presence where all impurities are washed clean by the cosmic spiritual waters. You realize the power of higher love, unconditional love and compassion, and integrate spiritual insights into your daily life. You will want to have more unity with the universe and continue to explore expanded states of consciousness.

Distillation can really change the way you perceive and act in your life experience. Many people in your life will definately notice the changes in your personality and habits. Some people may move out of your life because of the higher frequency energies that are more stable within you are making them feel uncomfortable. We are all mirrors for each other and when one person demonstrates a negative aspect towards you, it is easier for you to not react negatively towards them but come to a more peaceful solution through forgiveness and compassion.

The stage of distillation will bring up all sorts of interesting experiences for you, since your third eye will be more activated you will be interacting multidimensionally now. Your perception would have dramatically expanded into other dimensions and the beings who reside there. So distillation will also test your discernment skills about true guidance or false deception.

Your energies will become much more refined and you will have more creative energies working through you. Distillation assists the birthing of your authentic self and will continue to quicken your soul growth through life purpose.

Key Points For Distillation

  • Continued introspection and self awareness.
  • Agitation and sublimation of psychic forces.
  • Earth kundalini and Spiritual kundalini in a cosmic circuit.
  • Further understanding of the collective consciousness.
  • Spiritual maturity through direct experiences.
  • Purging of any emotional or mental impurities.
  • Merging with the Earth Mother consciousness and with Universal Mother.
  • Higher love and the importance of Divine will over individual personal gain.
  • Understanding that darkness has gifts and strong energy potential that can be used for the good.
  • Allowing the integration of Divine and Human qualities.
  • Strengthening and solidifying your soul light.
  • Making changes in your life that expresses your authentic self and true purpose.
  • Consciously creating the illumined brain ambrosia.

13 Crystals to assist in Distillation


Activating the higher qualities within yourself – raises your vibration – connects the heavens with Mother earth – galactic connections.

Galaxyite Micro Labradorite

Attunes to Universal Spirit – assists in review of souls purpose – Helps developing higher perception – attracts spiritual guides and Angels – activates the soul star chakra above the head.

White/pink Heulandite

Stimulates higher vibrations through the brain – calms the nerves and stills the mind for receiving higher guidance – gives clarity of thought – enhances cognitive abilities.

Black Moonstone

Protects you when you expand your energy fields – Stronger connection to Universal Mother – assists with clear communications from the higher dimensions and stimulates the chakras above the crown – Integrates any shadow personality traits through transformation.


Higher intelligence of the brain and heart synchronizing – Stimulates the pre frontal cortex of the brain and 3rd eye – Amplifies and focuses heart energies-
activates dormant areas of the brain – assists in spiritual illumination.

Spirit Quartz

Links the conscious mind with the higher source- expressing a higher knowledge and wisdom – clears and cleanses the subtle bodies- stimulates the crown and soul star chakras.


Protects from negative influences – grounds the higher spiritual energies into the physical body – attracts the purple ray of protection – fills the aura with a high frequency light – assists in channeling your inner holy angel.


Fully connects conscious awareness with the higher dimensions – initiates expanded states of consciousness – Helps to see the energy patterns underlying any archetypal patterns of expression.

White Phantom Quartz

Merges the higher and lower aspects of being – Integrates the human and divine qualities of being – raises the vibrations of the crown and heart chakras – Aligns you with your soul purpose and meaning of life.


Initiates changes in your life experiences – Infuses you with Divine love – shields and expands the aura – creative joy and inspiration – sparks the kundalini fires into movement.

Lapis Lazuli

Opens the path to self knowledge and enlightenment- Enhances clairvoyance, clairsentience and clairaudience – unites the throat and 3rd eye for clear communication – opens the Divine flow of energies through the body yet also proctects – connects you to star beings.


Self acceptance and forgiveness – realization of your multidimensional self – links the heavens with the earth – reveals hidden blueprints for your life purpose – balance of the elements- enhances intuition – connection with the Earth Mother consciousness.


Helps the mind to overcome distractions – clear discernment from any guidance received – helps you to tap into other dimensions and ask the right questions- awakens dormant psychic abilities and creative gifts.

Hope you enjoyed this sixth blog on Self transformation and Inner Alchemy.

Part 7 Coagulation is next.

Blessings Anita.

Written by Anita Allen 

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