Inner Alchemy Of Self Transformation – Part 5 Fermentation

Part 5 – Fermentation.

Fermentation ” Separate the Earth from the Fire, the subtle from the gross “

1. Fermentation – Sulphur – Venus – Mercury -Throat chakra – Fermenting
Creating with your inner light to expand your states of consciousness.


The first four stages of inner alchemy transformation were vital in transforming the old ego personality and breaking it down. In the previous state of conjunction you begun your first union of soul and spirit which starts co-creating an enlightened ego personality. In the fifth stage of inner alchemy Fermentation, you begin to create the first lasting solidification of the conjoined soul and spirit.

Fermentation is the magnetizing of the Spirit and the higher dimensional energies that emanate with love through the heart and crown. It is the inspiration of your spiritual power that is a further refinement of your mind into a new state of being.

The first stage of Fermentation will putrefy what was created during the conjunction phase by way of a small death. The inauthentic self must die and be killed along with the former perspectives of oneself and of life. For some this can be emotionally painful and lead to states of depression and difficulties which has been called ‘ the dark night of the soul’. No longer can you hold on to or relate to the old ways of living and being. It is a chrysallis stage where you have not yet become your true essence self at the core of your being. You cannot be who you once were and you are not sure who you are without all that conditioning and ego attachment. The old has fallen away but the new and unknown is moving you forward by your higher guidance from spirit.

After you putrefy the old then Fermentation fires up your imagination and stirs your soul with great passion. Fermentation is the strengthening of the mystical union of the conjoined soul and spirit. Now you desire further union and to live a more authentic life that is more sacred and meaningful. You practice your meditation and spiritual expression on a daily basis without any dogma, attachment to strict rules or beliefs that cause limitation by making you think that is the only way to enlightenment. It is a an unlearning process just as much as a learning process in your spiritual development and there are many experts telling you how you should do it, and many who charge great prices for their expertise. Discernment is vitally important during fermentation, and trust yourself even if you have made mistakes along your journey.

You are now more attuned to your higher self and the Universal spiritual energies are flowing through you more frequently unobstructed. During Fermentation the soul is quickened by spirit again to open and expand your consciousness, and to spiritualise more of your brain. The spiritual light is opening new pathways and firing up more neurons that have not previously been active. This can cause moments of confusion and the fear of the new and unknown, now that you are tapping into other dimensions of yourself and the Universe.

Fermentation creates profound experiences and you continue to seek knowledge and gain understanding from your experiences of expanded awareness. At energetic peaks it is common to have visions when your eyes are closed of vibrating mandalas, colours, symbols and sacred writings. It is all very new to you and the mind is further refined so that any spiritual truths can be accepted with non attachment by the mind without the old self stopping the flow of the new higher energies.

You will experience many out of body states, astral travel, and have telepathic connections with others. When you are becoming more spiritualised it stirs up old stuff that needs to be released and integrated in your new state of being. Some of these higher energies can overwhelm the ego but over time it succumbs to the changes in vibration and frequency caused by spirit. Your new personality is being created and your soul is the driving force of your expression and passion in what you do.

The throat chakra is more opened and you will want to speak, sing and be more creative. The crown, the third eye and the throat chakras begin to link together in a more unified field through spirit. You understand what it means to be spiritual and to be a true expression of your authentic self. You also have learnt how to be spirit in matter, to live in this world like a lightning rod, that brings balance and harmony for yourself and others. You have come a long way in Fermentation and are eager and ready to continue on in your enlightenment and ascension process.

Key Points For Fermentation

  • Expanded states of consciousness and awareness.
  • A more solidified state from a conjoined soul and spirit.
  • No more interests in the old way of being, yet curious about the unknown and what lies ahead.
  • The small death and a period of the dark night of the soul when you feel displaced and uncertain.
  • A ressurrection into a new refined state of being.
  • Spiritualised mind and brain.
  • Visions and profound experiences of different dimensions.
  • Heart, throat, third eye, and crown chakras being vibrationally energized and linked together by spirit.
  • The pineal, pituitary and thymus glands spiritualised and linked by spirit creating the inner arc of the covenant.
  • Spiritual fires stirring up the imagination and igniting the soul with passion.
  • A strong mystical union.
  • A refined ego that succumbs to the unknown spiritual states and works in co-operation with spirit.
  • Kundalini circuit energizing and bathing the whole being in liquid fire and light.

13 Crystals to assist in Fermentation


Raises consciousness and awareness – connects to spiritual guides – raises your frequency and protects during astral travel – attunes you to your higher angel.


Connects the heart, throat, third eye and crown chakras – soothes emotional body and raises you above energies of grief or depression – alleviates sorrow or despair – attracts spiritual guides and Angels – heals the heart chakra.

Gem Silica

Strengthens and activates the throat chakra – assists with true self expression – helps to let go of the unnecessary – attracts spiritual knowledge and insights – bathes the heart in love and joy.


Expands your energy fields and aura – moves old patterns of energy out to let more light in – activates the higher chakras above the crown – initiates expanded states of consciousness – helps with dream recall and past life recall.

Blue Apatite

Cleanses and enhances the aura – stimulates visions and psychic abilities – gives a higher perspective into situations – uplifts you and creates a positive mindset during challenges.


Opens you to higher dimensional communications – clears and strengthens the third eye for attracting positive spiritual guidance – soothes and calms the nervous system – memories of past life wisdom of the celestial realm and galaxies – puts you in a place of serenity, love and peace.

Clear Calcite

Releases any resistance to the Divine – Universal trust allowing surrender to changes in your life – Dispels energy blockages caused by attachments – brings clarity and understanding of life experiences both normal and paranormal.

Prasiolite Green Amethyst

Links the lower self with the higher self – assists in bringing spiritual ideas into expression in daily life – Union of heart and mind soul and spirit.

Nebula Stone

Enhances spiritual growth and right living – clears negativity from the aura – activates the kundalini circuit and evolutionary energies – assists in integrating a powerful transformation – attunes to the Great Mother for nurturing and support.


Initiates transformational alchemy – infuses spiritual light into the body raising the frequency – floods the DNA with higher frequencies from spirit – overcomes melancholy or dwelling in negative thoughts – transforms and illuminates.


Enhances clairvoyance, clairsentience and clairaudience – unites the throat and 3rd eye for clear communication – relaxes the body and soothes emotions – helps you to let go of outmoded ideas – frees you from being stuck in a rut – creates an opportunity to move forward.


Clears the crown chakra and links to the higher crown chakras – clears the mind of distracting thoughts or obsessions – enhances psychic ability – assists with clear interpretation of psychic information.


Parts the veil between the visible and invisible worlds – assists with past life recall – helps to reclaim spiritual gifts – inspires and expands the imagination – dream interpretation and lucid dreaming – encourages you to practice the spiritually sacred in daily life.

Hope you enjoyed this fifth blog on Self transformation and Inner Alchemy.

Part 6 Distillation is next.

Blessings Anita.

Written by Anita Allen 

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