Inner Alchemy Of Self Transformation – Part 4 Conjunction

Part 4 – Conjunction.

Conjunction ” The Earth is its nurse”

1. Conjunction – Earth – Venus – Heart Chakra – Union
Psychotherapy via Earth. The first sacred marriage of soul and spirit. The lesser stone.


During the previous stage of Separation you discarded all unworthy false beliefs and illusions about yourself and the world, awakening you to many truths. It was a time of creating more healthy boundaries and preparing yourself for the next 4th stage of inner alchemy the Conjunction.

In Conjunction, you begin to unite polarity consciousness, uniting and unifying all opposing energies into a higher state of balance and harmony. There is a re-organisation of your internal essence, that was saved during the previous process of separation. The left and right hemispheres of the brain are more balanced and synchronised. Now the back and front areas of the brain are also becoming balanced during the conjunction process.

Conjunction is the sacred marriage or union of the soul and spirit, the inner masculine and feminine forces. It is also the integration of the unconscious and conscious streams of energy which now work in co-operation. Your whole being is becoming more centered and refined into a higher state of functioning. With conjunction you are able to discern between the dark and light forces, and are aware of the ways the dark forces in the world try to manipulate and control.

Conjunction is the union of the libido, soul and spirit in embrace, which refines and transforms all opposites by unifying them into a purer state. You begin to rise above challenges in your life, and learn about non attachment. By seeing more clearly the way polarity and separation dynamics have been influencing your life, and those around you, self mastery begins to be attainable. You begin understanding the many archetypes and roles that people play and why there are such behaviours playing out in the collective consciousness of the world.

Now you discern what is needed for you to achieve a higher state of consciousness and a state of enlightenment. Conjunction raises the strong sexual and personal will energies into the heart chakra and love forces that unify for transformation. The personal will now unifies more with the Divine or higher will, where you can see the bigger picture and the interconnectedness or oneness of all life. You now realise that you are connected to all of life and have a direct connection to the Divine intelligent source.

The lesser stone of conjunction expands the heart, and infuses that love energy from spirit into your soul, freeing it and empowering it. Your soul now dances with your spirit in a way that is liberating and exciting. Conjunction unifies all energies from subtle to gross in a way that refines the astral body. Old stagnant energies are released and new higher energies are flushed through the body and astral body. With a more expanded, refined and spiritualised astral body your psychic senses are more activated.

Key Points For Conjunction

  • Opening and expanding the heart with love, kindness and compassion.
  • Cultivating and practicing intuitive conscious awareness.
  • Realisation of collective and personal archetypes of the psyche.
  • Creating healthy boundaries between yourself and others.
  • Discernment of the ways dark forces manipulate and control.
  • Sacred marriage and union of the soul and spirit.
  • Raising your energies and unifying them through the heart with love.
  • Union of the intellect with the heart wisdom and understanding.
  • Refining and spiritualising the astral body.
  • Ability to come out of your comfort zones taking action when truths are known.
  • A basic understanding of natural laws.
  • Wanting to be more of service to others and acknowledging the sufferings in the world.
  • Gaining self mastery and allowing your soul and higher aspects to express into the world.

13 Crystals to assist in Conjunction

Tibetan Black Phantom Quartz

Opens and clears the 3rd eye for discernment – banishes negative forces – creates protective boundaries.

Pink Tourmaline

Activates the heart with love – balances giving and receiving love – helps to refine the emotional and astral body.


Universal love and prosperity – unifies energies through the heart – raises relationships to a higher level of love and understanding – compassion.


Attunes to Divine feminine powers – Links the heart, throat and base chakras for true expression – balances all of the brain – strengthens intuition and psychic abilities.

Black Jade

Unhooks us from others manipulation or controlling energies – disperses negative energies and grounds them back into the earth for transformation – creates a protective shield in the aura.

Dragons Blood Jasper

Expands the heart energies – lends courage and ability for self mastery – raises lower energies into a higher frequency.


Teaches us to live from the heart – shows us how to self heal and to help heal others – opens us to higher teachings from spiritual guides – helps to repair damaged DNA and to renew cells.


Raises creative energies from the first 3 chakras and links them through the heart – heals and strengthens the aura – aligns your soul with higher purpose.

Green Fluorite

Protects from psychic interference or mind manipulation from archons etc – Stabilizes the auric fields – draws off negativity and stress energies from the body – promotes empathy and open mindedness to new concepts.

Gold Sheen Obsidian

Helps in revealing hidden knowledge and truths – Discernment of the dark and light forces and their influences – raises your frequency and grounds the spiritual energies into the body.

Hiddenite/Green Kunzite

Shields the aura from unwanted energies, entities and archons – heals the heart from previous hurts – assists in recovery from addictions or abuse – reconciliation in relationships – encourages a higher expression of love.

Sceptre Quartz Crystal

Reclaiming of your sovereign inner power – unifying spirit and soul through the heart and emanating the energies through your whole being – gives strength when you are challenged.

Serpentine With Stitchtite

Stimulates and unifies the heart and crown chakras – clears the aura and vitalizes the heart – soothes the emotional and mental bodies – activates the kundalini and clears energy blockages – promotes co-operation when working together with others for the common good.

Hope you enjoyed this fourth blog on Self transformation and Inner Alchemy.

Part 5 Fermentation is next.

Blessings Anita.

Written by Anita Allen 

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