Inner Alchemy Of Self Transformation – Part 3 Separation

Part 3 – Separation.

Separation ” The wind carries it in its belly”

1. Separation – Air – Mars – Navel chakra – Splitting
Psychotherapy via Air. Splitting the egg of being, our hardened shell.


During the previous stage of dissolution the unconscious material of the psyche was raised and brought up to the surface. Separation is the 3rd stage of transformational alchemy, where we begin to separate our thoughts, feelings and unconscious drives. We gain understanding by witnessing ourselves, our habits our thoughts, feelings and actions. Now we can separate what is necessary to let go of in our personality and what is valuable for us to continue with.

Since we were born upon this beautiful planet Earth, we have been conditioned by our environments, our families, our friends, and social structures. Separation is the splitting of the egg of being that has been created over time. You begin to awaken to what is your real thoughts about your life and how you see the world, and what others have programmed you to believe was real about you and about the world you live in.

Separation is the realization that all is not what it seems to be, and that you have been groomed to fit into an imbalanced society in a certain way. Many illusions of how you should be and what others expect you to be also become revealed. By doing your honest evaluations you discard all of the unnecessary beliefs and programmimg of unworthy material.

An example of false conditioning could be that you were taught as a child that its a dog eat dog world, and that you have to win at all costs to be at the top even if it hurts others or the Earth. A teacher could have said that your stupid and that you will never be a good artist or amount to anything in life.

We rediscover our true essence by getting rid of all these false ego memories and hurts that unconsciously held us back in life, or shaped our personality a certain way that is no longer serving us or the world positively. By refining ourselves our true nature begins to shine through, and obstacles now become opportunities. We take back our inner power from those who have tried very hard to keep us limited or controlled. All of the energies from misperceptions, prejudices, emotional blocks, neuroses, and false beliefs are now unleashed to drive our spiritual renewal and transformation.

Our spiritual force gets activated sparking and expanding soul energies that have been kept largely dormant until now. We begin to remember how to use our energies more efficiently and break out of our shell. A balance occurs in both hemispheres of our brain, now that we understand much about ourselves and how education focused only on our left brain entrainment. It becomes clearer to us what we need to do for ourselves to bring back our natural balance and health.

Separation prepares our spirit and soul for the first unity, where spirit infuses the soul with higher energies, separating the false ego and creating the true self ego. The mind and heart synchronize better working in co-operation, and our internal energies have balanced the 4 elements at our navel chakra. We strenghten our will and personal power center of our navel using the energies for positive change. We are no longer being tossed about upon a watery chaos and we begin to navigate through our life with confidence.

Key Points For Separation

  • Separating the true self from the false self.
  • Raising the kundalini to cleanse and purify the navel chakra.
  • Balancing of the 4 elements the Earth, Air, Fire, Water.
  • Strengthening the true will and empowering the solar plexus.
  • Letting go of the past and not fearing the future but living now fully.
  • Rediscovering of our true essence that is love.
  • Further refining of our personality, who we are and who we are not.
  • Unifying our soul and spiritual energies.
  • Co-operating with our inner guidance from our higher self.
  • Living a balanced lifestyle where there is a balance in left and right brain functions.
  • Non attachment to social structures and the status quo.
  • Cultivating our true individuality.
  • Learning to flow freely with life and trusting the Univeral Spirit.

13 Crystals to assist in Separation

Yellow Calcite

Balances the intellect with heart wisdom – discernment – amplifies and clears energies – raises awareness and expands consciousness.

Tigers Eye

Unifies the Sun and Earth energies – brings vitality – lends courage – gives strength through challenges – enthusiasm for change – individual expression.


Clears thoughts – clarifies intentions – energizes the solar plexus – purifies energies.


Magnetism – balances the magnetic fields of the body – balances left and right hemispheres of the brain – calms the nervous system – neutralizes excessive emotions.

Garnet Red or Orange

Heals deep memories of trauma or abuse – cultivates true self esteem – overcomes self doubt – protects and energizes.

Purple Fluorite

Re-orders scattered energies – integrates the personality – re-aligns the subtle bodies – clear perception.

Blue Chalcedony

Dissolves negative emotions like anger and anxiety – higher communication with Angelic realm – repairs the aura and energy fields – helps you to speak and to live your truth.

Blue Sapphire

Enhances insights for problem solving – gives structure and organizing ability – integrates the 3rd eye and throat for true self expression.


Raises our inner powers that have laid dormant – gives stamina and determination – helps in overcoming obstacles – releases energies trapped in the subconscious – self responsibility and self discipline.

Blue Kyanite

Used to remove energy blockages – builds a bridge between the inner and outer self – expands the mental body – higher self attunement.


Centers us through drama and chaos – releases hurtful memories – clears the unconscious from fears – infuses love and support – self acceptance and grace.


Encourages and inspires – makes us take action on our higher guidance – brings clarity of purpose – balances the brain hemispheres.


Draws new opportunities into your life – helps you to express truthfully – balances and harmonizes energies – strengthens the solar plexus and will – inspires creativity – cultivates joy and gratitude.

Hope you enjoyed this third blog on Self transformation and Inner Alchemy.

Part 4 Conjunction is next.

Blessings Anita.

Written by Anita Allen 

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