Inner Alchemy Of Self Transfomation – Part 2 Dissolution

Part 2 – Dissolution.

Dissolution ” Its Mother Is the Moon”

1. Dissolution – Water – Jupiter – Sacral Sexual chakra – Intuition
Psychotherapy via Water. Soul and Spirit swimming in opposite directions longing to return to the same place.


Dissolution is the second stage of alchemical transformation after the first stage of calcination. During the calcination process we became aware of our false ego and the limiting beliefs that can enslave us. Dissolution is the dissolving of all fake constructs of the mind by going within and expanding our awareness via meditation and contemplation. We question everything like what is true or false in a situation, we begin to look at the bigger picture of events. Dissolution also opens us up to our intuition by letting go of the controlling ego mind and being receptive to the higher self. Dissolution is a necessary stage that raises any unconscious material, repressed feelings, strong thoughts and desires or hidden aspects of our personality that is now brought to the surface for illumination. By unifying opposing energies we generate more energy flow and vitality to our whole being. The energies of the sexual chakra is also purified by raising the kundalini energy and mastering our desires and drives. The Dissolution process brings visions, profound dreams, synchronicities, psychic abilities like telepathy and other non rational experiences. It is reclaiming of the Feminine receptive and intuitive gifts that were held back by an excessive Masculine and linear ego mind.

Key Points For Dissolution

  • Meditation and cultivation of our Feminine intuition.
  • Awareness of our false ego’s distractions.
  • Times of solitude to listen to the voice within of our higher self.
  • Letting go of a dominant intellect and balancing it with the heart knowing wisdom.
  • Mysterious non rational experiences, spiritual visions, psychic phenomena, profound dreams, synchronicities.
  • Unveiling of hidden desires, drives, thoughts and feelings and re channeling or transmuting these energies into more positive use.
  • Unifying the opposing inner conflicts which can drain our energy.
  • Opening the energy meridians to refine the etheric subtle body.
  • Raising the kundalini energy and clearing the Sacral Sexual chakra and using our creative energy.
  • Shamanic experiences of other beings and other dimensions that assist in a death and renewal process.
  • Magnetizing of your Spirit to awaken and guide your soul expression.
  • Moving forward from any personal hangups or misperceptions about your life.
  • Creative inspiration, using dreams and visions in a creative act of art, writing or music.

13 Crystals to assist in Dissolution


Initiates dreams and visions – opens psychic channels and allows information to come through – expands consciousness.

Orange Calcite

Balanced sexual energies – strengthens will power – assists in overcoming worries and fears.


Regulates the flow of energies and fluids in the body – neutralizes negative thoughts and feelings.

Pink Mangano Calcite

Opens the heart – heightens intuition – dissolves any resistance to spiritual transformative energies.

Black Blue Opal

Intensifies any emotion that is positive or negative – brings thoughts and emotions to conscious awareness.


Initiates journeys into the shadow self to bring back illumination from the dark void – stimulates the 3rd eye, crown and higher chakras – gently surfaces memories that need to be acknowledged, loved and healed.

Green Aventurine

Healing and balancing the body and mind – encourages us to release old patterns of behavior – stimulates the life force.


Helps with meditation and self reflection – calms stress and nervousness – receptive to your hearts desires.


Feminine visions and prophecy – Moon cycles and intuition – activates all psychic senses – cleanses the 3rd eye.

Clear Quartz

Energy clearing and revitalizing – programming positive thoughts and feelings – chakra activation and alignment to source – Spiritual upliftment.

Lapis Lazuli

Helps Spiritual development – Opens the path to self-knowledge and empowerment – opens you to Divine flow of energies but protects during times of opening up your energies to other realms – links you to the heavens and star beings.


Goddess and Divine Feminine powers – balances the water, fire, air and earth elements – enhances dreams , visions and psychic abilities.


Self mastery, Self acceptance and forgiveness – realization of your multidimensional self – links Heaven and Earth energies – assists to overcome distractions – reveals blueprints for your soul life purpose.

Hope you enjoyed this second blog on Self transformation and Inner Alchemy.

Part 3 Separation is next.

Blessings Anita.

Written by Anita Allen 

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