Inner Alchemy Of Self Transformation – Part 1 Calcination

Transforming the self through inner Alchemy.

Transformation of the self occurs through a series of alchemical processes where we use our inner energies and consciousness to change and grow on all levels of our being. This includes changes in our physical and subtle energies, it will create changes in our soul, and our ego personality. Transformation will change our subconscious patterned levels. It is also the magnetizing of our spiritual and higher dimensional Angelic self which infuses our whole being with spiritual light and vibration. It is a refining of our self and the blending of spirit with matter. Self transformation requires one to be completely honest, to be forgiving of past experiences, and to have the desire and will to change ourselves and our life. It is understanding that the material world is full of illusions and attachments that can deaden the soul, dim the spirit, distract the mind, and limit the consciousness and potential of a person.

Inner alchemy works on unveiling the hidden aspects of oneself from the mysteries of the unconscious. The Superconscious energies are activated by spirit and infuse more energy into our subtle bodies and psyche. This stirs up a lot of hidden material and will create new pathways for the energy to flow and expand. It is a reclaiming of our inner powers, and understanding that both our darkness and our light is a necessary part of our soul growth. We integrate on all levels and receive great power and gifts from our experiences of darkness or light, for they are truly a different expression of the one Divine source we are made of. Both dark and light polarities empower and change us so we can evolve into higher states of being and bring our gifts to the world. Some are learning through the darkness and some are learning through the light, but we all have both the polarities within us that can become unified into greater power and realization.

It is only when opposing or conflicting forces within us become excessive and imbalanced that we stray on our path to wholeness and truth. In fact it is the inner opposing forces of our multidimensional self that drives us into the longing of union and wholeness again. We need to balance the masculine and feminine essences which both have an equal part to play in spiritual awakening and ascension. It is this complementary polarity which the modern world has distorted and needs to be brought back into balance. The masculine gifts are analytical, directed action, fertilizing, intellect and ego consciousness. The feminine gifts are nurturing, formative, nourishing, synthesizing, intuition and the hidden riches of the unconscious.

Inner alchemy is about utilizing what we already have been given, raising our energies above extremes of polarity and balancing our thoughts, emotions and actions. Self transformation means being responsible for our own stuff and not projecting it onto others. It does not matter what stage you are at in your self transformation process because all stages are necessary and you will be going over each stage many times in your life. What matters is that you are honest with yourself, you are trying to change, which many people unfortunately cant be bothered to do and they continue to add to the madness in this world.

There are 7 main stages to self transformation through inner alchemy which the Hermetic Alchemists of old revealed during their studies of alchemy. One stage is not more important than another as all are equally honored, and as you complete the first 7 stages you will continue to refine again throughout your life, accumulating your living golden light within yourself.

7 main stages of the inner Alchemy process.

1. Calcination – Purification by fire ” Its Father is the Sun”
2. Dissolution – Purification by water ” Its Mother is the Moon”
3. Separation – Purification by air ” The wind carries it in its belly”
4. Conjunction – Purification by earth ” The Earth is its nurse”
5. Fermentation- ” Separate the Earth from the fire, the subtle from the gross”
6. Distillation- “It rises from the Earth to Heaven and descends to Earth”
7. Coagulation – ” Thus you will attain the glory of the whole Universe, obscurity will become clear to you”

I will be posting on each stage of alchemy and the crystals that can assist you during that particular process.
This post is about the first stage of Calcination.


1. Calcination – Fire – Saturn – Base chakra – life forces
Psychotherapy via furnace, materials of the ego is heated to be freed.


Calcination is the first stage of transformation and usually occurs when something in your life happens that is a shock to your normal consciousness, or it is a situation that forces you to change. Unhappiness also initiates some form of self analysis and the need to go within for answers. Life’s trials and tribulations often ignite our inner fire and make us surrender to a higher power. It is acknowledging that we can do better and that we want to change our life circumstances. It is our soul and spirit forcing us to expand and change.

Key Points For Calcination

  • Overcoming negative thoughts and emotions that harm yourself or others, also cutting energy cords.
  • The breaking down of a falsely conditioned Ego Personality.
  • Letting go of attachments and ideals of who we are and what defines us.
  • Wiping the slate clean from previous experiences so we can start over again.
  • Trials and challenges that force us to surrender control to a higher power or to make necessary changes in our life.
  • Introspection and the going within instead of externalizing everything.
  • Honest self evaluation with compassion and love that heals us.
  • Un cluttering our life and getting rid of excess.
  • Stopping bad habits and over indulgences, detoxifying.
  • Re-vitalizing your physical, etheric, emotional and mental bodies.
  • Moving stagnating energies or blockages within your physical and subtle bodies.
  • Base consciousness being raised to a higher level with kundalini activation.
  • Applying spiritual and physical disciplines in your daily routine.

13 Crystals to assist in Calcination

Black Tourmaline

Grounds excess energies – clears and purifies- creates a balanced energy field.

Apache Tears

Protection – overcoming depression – releases emotional and thought patterns.


Harmonizes the 5 elements – removes energy attachments or entities – Integrates opposing forces.


Balances the masculine and feminine principles – detoxifies the body – enhances courage and strength to change.


Overcoming fears – stopping bad habits – encourages positive change – protects the aura from external influences.


Raises the kundalini force – consciously directed energy – encourages discipline – neutralizes negativity.

Chrysanthemum Stone

Initiates inner calling – balances the spiritual and physical – heals fertility issues.

Desert Rose Selenite

Dissolves self imposed programming – breaks down ego false conditioning from society and others.


Activates the kundalini – rewiring of unhealthy brain patterns – cellular regeneration.

Smoky Quartz

Diffuses stress – clears and calms the mind- assists in overcoming difficulties – detoxifying – grounds energy.

Laser Clear Quartz

Cuts away energy cords and attachments in the energy fields- removes outdated thoughts and attitudes – lower astral entity removal.


Balances inner polarity- heals irrational anxiety and fear – attunes to the Divine Feminine- Kundalini activation -lends strength.


Self mastery – Earth connection and nurturing – vitality- appropriate use of one’s energies and power.

Hope you enjoyed this first blog on Self transformation and Inner Alchemy.

Part 2 Dissolution is next.

Blessings Anita.

Written by Anita Allen 

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