Ian Bundy ARTWORKS Gallery

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I am passionate highly creative Designer – Illustrator – Artist – Creator
developing my own personal vision through experiences both professionally and personally.

Inspired by the natural world around me, co-existing with nature is paramount to my creative drive. These are my current Artworks that I have created, showing my connection with the natural world that I live in.
My main inspiration comes from bush walking and exploration of the forests that are close to me.
When I walk through a forested landscape I feel the interconnection between all living things that reside there.

I love the patterns, geometries and the way energy has become form.
Its beautiful the way nature builds things from the smallest scale into fractals of a larger scale.
A lot of my artworks are also of a visionary nature where I have taken shamanic journeys, had deep meditative experiences that have revealed sacred geometries and a pulsing web of life.


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