Crystals – The Faery and Nature Spirits

Crystals – The Faery and Nature Spirits

The Faery Realm

Who are the faery?

The faery beings have been seen and acknowledged from many people of different cultures, and people practicing in the ancient nature based and Goddess religions, such as Wicca and Paganism. The word Fae comes from the Roman word Fata and the Greek word Fatua. Faery’s are multidimensional beings who assist Mother Nature and her creations. The English word Fae, means “those little beings who enchant”. There are many different types of Faery beings in folklore, such as nymphs, brownies, pixies, elves, leprechauns, pookas, sprites and of course the dwarves and gnomes. Celts called faeries “the little good people”, “the kindly folk”. To the Celts and Pagans, they were forces of nature and needed to be respected. The most common traditional orders of the Faery beings and their realms included the following-


Elementals are multidimensional spirit beings who are associated with the 2nd to the 6th dimensions. Elementals assist Nature by keeping the balance of the elements. Elementals reside in the etheric substances that resonate with the four elements of Air, Water, Fire and Earth.

Earth Elemental

Earth elementals are the Crystal Devas, Brownies, dwarves, gnomes, and elves that like to live in the Earth, rocks and crystals. Their ruler is Gheb. Gnomes are usually short and stocky in appearance, around 1 -2ft tall with brown skin and green eyes. If you feel a sudden pinch of your skin, or a pricking sensation it usually means they are there, but do not want to manifest visually to scare you.
Earth elementals can assist you in attuning to Mother Earth and her consciousness. They can be great helpers in projects of growing vegetables, gardening, and landscaping. Earth elementals are very clever at communication with other beings across the land or underground through tunnels.

Air Elemental

Air elementals are the sylphs, faerys, and pixies, who enjoy playing in treetops, gathering upon mountaintops, or spending time in flowers, some crystals, and clouds. Air elementals can have multicolored or golden wings and their ruler is named Paralda. The Faery are elusive and move about so fast like a dragonfly darting around from place to place. They like to assist humans in an intellectual type of work, like artistic ideas, and new inventions. The Sylphs assist in any interdimensional communications between the higher and lower realms. When an air elemental is near you it can create a flush of energy through your being or you might hear a high frequency or slight buzzing sound.

Fire Elemental

Fire elementals are the fire salamanders, dragons, or fire drakes. Their ruler is Djinn from the root word Djinni also known in the Middle East as Gennie. Fire elementals move extremely quick and can manifest things instantly especially when change is urgently needed. Salamanders look similar to an Axolotl or Mexican walking fish, except they will have fiery tendrils around their head and red eyes. The fire dragons can be in many dark and pearlescent colours and serpentine in nature. The fire elementals can give you an electric static type of sensation on your skin or in the air around you. They can increase and warm the temperature.

Water Elemental

Water elementals are the water beings, Mermaids and Undines who love the seas, rivers, lakes, rains, waterfalls, ponds, and their ruler is Niksa. Water elementals bring rainfall to the earth where needed and help to preserve the lakes and river systems. They work with us to understand the importance of clean pure water for our health and the wellbeing of our environment. Water elementals also assist in emotional healing, and guiding us to take a herbal or Epsom salt bath by candle light, to help sooth our spirit. The water elementals love to swim with us in the oceans and rivers, making us feel alive and cleansed. They usually create a calming presence, and can feel like a cool breeze against our skin.

Nature Spirits

Nature spirits are the intelligences of Nature, the life force in the flowers, trees, herbs, soils, sands, stones, crystals, clouds, rivers and seas. A nature spirit implements a given pattern from the blueprints of creation. They are expert at manifestation and work with the elementals. Everything in nature has a nature spirit associated with it, yet its intelligence remains unseen and we only see the final manifestation in our dimension of reality.


Deva in the Hindu teachings of India means “Little God shining spirit” Hindu’s know that everything that is manifested in the physical realm has its own God essence. Devas are masters of geometry and fractals in nature. The crystal Devas assist in manifesting all crystals and minerals within the Earth and many remain with the crystal as a guide for the crystal consciousness. Devas act like the higher self of nature and connect with our dimension from the 6th dimension. They assist in maintaining the Earth grid lines and group consciousness of the crystal and minerals within the Earth that anchor energies into the Earth. One night in bed I saw a Crystal Deva exit my crystal cluster on top of my table. It was a 2cm glowing white light which came out of the crystal and flew through the air turning into a pair of golden wings that then vanished into the higher dimensions.

Underworld Fae

The underworld fae are faery beings who live beneath the Earth in the underworld. In Ireland they are known as the Sidhe and in Scotland the Sithe. They are the guardians of the burial mounds and spiritual initiation sacred temple mounds. Native Americans and shamans associate the underworld fae with animal spirit guides who are great teachers, healers and guardians of the Earth.

Faery Crystals

Most faery’s like crystals and stones that have the colours of clear quartz with rainbows, or blue, green and brown colored crystals. I first saw a crystal faery come out of a Green Phantom Quartz Cluster and fly up to the ceiling then disappear into the higher dimensions.

Crystals for attracting the Faery

Fairy spirit quartz, green phantom quartz, moss or tree agate, green quartz, blue quartz, smokey quartz, green aventurine, lodolite, chrysoprase, emerald, aquamarine, dioptase, cavasite, blue calcite, watermelon tourmaline, green tourmaline, turquoise, blue topaz, apatite, sodalite, blue fluorite, green fluorite, pyromorphite, angel aura quartz, titanium quartz, aqua aura quartz, prehnite, shaman stone, staurolite, chiastolite, lapis lazuli, serephenite, all opals, azurite, nunderite , and clear quartz.

Renee Abbot

Her message from the crystal Faerys

“Let our colours shine on you this day and heal the pain that has been with you for so long. We are your friends and seek only to offer our healing touch. Into our realms of old we breathed the liquid of the crystal. Our wings symbolized the freedom of the crystal castles where we still remain. Flickering of rainbow colours can be seen through our bodies and wings.

These colours offer different degrees of healing and we are called the crystal faeries. The crystal quartz and crystal faeries go back to the times even before Atlantis. We are of the antiquity and hold the ancestor lineage of the crystal in regards to your Mother Earth. Crystal faeries dress in beautiful hues of pinks, purples, golds and green forms, but making us one big family.

The Universal source formed us through the prism of quartz, which sparkles with the gift of healing as our soul path, in your world and the entire Universe. Through the ages we had chosen a few entities, human and non-human to learn of our techniques. Now though, the Divine has expressed its desire for us to share our knowledge with those who seek ways to heal with the crystals, stones and rocks. Through the intentions of one’s thoughts, is how one uses their power that was given to you through almighty Spirit.

This endowment transfers throughout each life time that you have had, as well as future lifetimes. My sole purpose of sharing our healing techniques with you is to instruct those who wish to learn healing with crystals. This process takes place always within before it radiates outwards. The crystal will intensify all aspects contained within you, because it sees everything. The reason behind this is because of the sensitivity present within each crystal. This aids it in the assessing your spirit.

It is similar to a computer with all your programming recorded. Let us first begin to have a better grasp of what a crystal is and how the crystal faeries have the same components. Many have heard the term fairy dust, the gold dust that faeries use to help humans to elevate one’s consciousness. The crystal to a crystal faery acts in the same way. We are one and the same, but we live inside the quartz, our purpose is to assist you in enriching your vibrations, in the effort of creating you a space to do this, we also help the owner down throughout previous lifetimes, and in your present life.

Within the crystal are many streams or veins whose purpose consists of running energy through the darkened voids within the person. The crystal and us both shine light into these darkened passages to help heal. When you become one with the crystal and let the rivers and creeks of energies of your crystal cleanse you, the world takes on newness. This is what is referring to us as a change of vibration. This is our offering to your spiritual growth.”

Connecting with the Faeries, using Genesa crystals.

What is a Genesa crystal?

There are volumes of information about the Genesa crystal, which is a structure made of 4 interlocking rings. The Genesa or cuboctahedron was discovered in the 1950’s by agricultural geneticist and author Dr Derald Langham. Dr Langham derived this 8 point pattern from the cellular pattern of an embryonic living organism which occurs after the 3rd cell division. Langham felt the genesa crystal had the ability to make visible the invisible, to make visible the geometry of the energy fields that envelope our 3rd dimensional system and penetrate it to the core.

The Genesa crystal structure forms a torus energy field around it like any other sphere, except it takes in the energies from the environment and then cleanses and balances that energy to its purest state before sending the transformed energy back into the environment. The Genesa form can transform energies up to 100 times its size, and is a very important tool for assisting the health of nature and all living organisms.

Spherical Sacred Geometry Handcrafted in Copper

Image sourced from Genesa Crystals – Spherical Sacred Geometry Handcrafted in Copper. Young Design. There is a beautiful Genesa crystal at the Perelandra Gardens made of copper tubing and sitting on a slate plate in the center of the gardens. This garden was designed by the guidance of the nature realm and the beings who reside there. The Perelandra genesa is 3 feet in diameter and draws to it the energies surrounding in all form, then cleanses and balances it to release it back to the environment and all forms within a 3 mile radius.

Because the genesa crystal draws in energy, cleanses it , balances it, positively charges it and radiates it back out, it is an excellent tool for enhancing communication with the nature realm, including devas, faeries and nature spirits. For those who are just beginning to connect with the faery, having a genesa around would be a very helpful tool, because nature spirits, faeries and angels are known to be highly attracted to them. Many people have reported seeing the faeries near their own genesa crystals and begun to have communications with nature beings.

Perelandra-gardens-of-the-genesa-crystalImage at Perelandra gardens of the genesa crystal / Image sourced from

Faery and Nature Spirit messages from the
Findhorn Ecogarden Group.

Back in the early 1960’s at Findhorn in Scotland, a spiritual group assembled led by the guidance of the nature spirits and they called themselves the Findhorn Spiritual community, or Findhorn circle. The people involved were a group of gifted psychics who channeled information directly from nature. The members were Eileen Caddy, Dorothy Maclean, David Spangler, Anne Edwards, Myrtle Glines, Sheena Goven, Lena Lamont and R. Crombie Ogilvie. The nature of the material received by this group had a common source, the realm of nature, particularly the fae, devas, nature spirits and angels, said to be responsible for the unique patterns of emergence and manifestation of the plant kingdom into our physical level of reality.


Image sourced from Findhorn Eco-Village

Dorothy Maclean claimed to hear this message
from the Deva of a Rue plant

“There is the pattern held in consciousness by us on what you call the higher levels, where energy is particularly clear and powerful, dedicated to the mighty purposes of life, of which a planet is the outcome. Then on the lower levels are the results of these different energy patterns, each leaf distinct and beautiful”.

The main theme in the Findhorn material is the hope for cooperation of humans with the forces of nature, which are operating more naturally than we are, that is more in alignment, or at one with unadulterated Universal principles and processes. Modern society has not been in touch with nature, and abuses it every day with the military, mining industry, land clearing and using gross toxic chemicals, that kill the very life force of the Earth and make the animals and us very sick with all sorts of ailments and diseases. Most of us in modern society work inside of buildings of artificial structure, lighting, air conditioning and energies every day of the week away from nature.

R.Crombie Ogilvie gives us a message from a landscape angel.

“There is a world to be redeemed and all forces are needed for that purpose, unity and cooperation are the keynotes. We are with you, as you are aligned to God, and the forces we deal with are absolutely essential to your life. Man can no longer rape his worlds, or the whole cannot continue. Life is a whole and harmony has been ordained throughout this Universe. Man will play his unique part, you join with us in your wider ranging fields so that his will be done on Earth to create God’s finest fruits”.

What has most characterized the Findhorn experience is the degree of communication and cooperation established between these channels, the forces and the beings of the nature world. Eileen Caddy’s inner voice directed participants in just how to do the planting, fertilization and cultivation of plants. We have not only the subject matter of the material as evidence, but the bigger than life fruits, vegetables and flowers that grew in that otherwise forlorn and arid seaside.

Botanists and farmers are forced to consider the channeled explanation that these plant prodigies are the result of human cooperation with the spiritual truths of nature itself. Rich details of Caddy’s work are available in a number of books especially the book “God spoke to me” although today its founders are no longer here, the legend and eco society lives on. Findhorn is still today a self-sufficient community now numbering in the 100’s. The central theme of Findhorn, is openness to new ways of communication with the rest of nature which is contained within one living spiritual source.

Image sourced from Findhorn Eco-Village

Dorothy Maclean speaks of her channeling experiences.

“Yes I talk with angels, great beings whose lives infuse and create all of nature. In another time and culture I might have been cloistered in a convent or a temple, or less pleasantly burnt at the stake as a witch. In our skeptical time and culture such a claim is more likely to be met with scoffing, disbelief or as the ramblings of a dreamy female. Yet when this communication began to occur, it did in a way that I could not dispute. It took me quite a few years to conclude that these beings and I were communicating only because we were sharing the same spheres, that of the human soul, or higher self, and that naturally everyone in attuning to his or her higher self was also attuning to the angels and spirits of nature. The Devas are the builders of our world”.

Image sourced from Findhorn Eco-Village

Maclean shares another message from a plant Deva.

“You cannot bring weights into our world. You cannot come to us unless you are free, childlike, and light. Our consciousness is higher than that of humans, because although we deal with matter as much as you do, we could not cut ourselves off from the Divine Source of power. You humans cut yourselves off from the same source by your thoughts and actions. We are not imprisoned by the lower form, you need not be either, and you will not be when you fully identify with that Divine source”.

Many of us have struggled with lower vibrations caused by the processed foods, drinking or showering in fluoridated and chlorinated water, and using toxic chemicals in household items, pharmaceuticals or cosmetics. We don’t think about our waste and what the consequences are for our Earth, the animals and plants and sadly most of society does not even care.

Many of us are awakening to the fact that we are making ourselves sick with modern foods, drinks, and how they are prepared and stored. Many of us have decided enough is enough of the companies who get rich at the expense of our health, and the medical industries who depend upon us staying sick. You too can begin to change your life and grow your own herbs and organic vegetables by partnering with nature, at least there will be no more toxic pesticides on your foods that your body cannot eliminate over a long period of time.

Mother Nature is there for us to learn from, but we must meet her and her spiritual beings half way, who are just there waiting to be noticed, because they really want to help heal us and the environment. I have seen a crystal faery which was a spark of light that came out from under the crystal and changed into a pair of golden wings with long tendrils that flew up to the ceiling of my bedroom just like a butterfly movement then disappeared into the higher dimensions, it was so beautiful to see. 

Love and light Anita.

Image taken by Anita Allen in her backyard one night of a Faery being.

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