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Art10Zen Disclaimer

The information on crystal properties and healing provided by Art10Zen is for intuitional guidance only.
It is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice from a certified professional.

Please take responsibility for your own health and in researching alternative healing methods.

Crystals have been studied scientifically where there has been recorded evidence of health benefits,
yet healing has to be a wholistic approach and many factors have to work together within the human being,
and their environment.

Quartz Phantoms


Planet All Planets

Chakra All Chakras

Quartz Phantom crystals are created when a mineral forms a blueprint and then the quartz forms over the original mineral. It embodies Universal consciousness and helps to heal us and the Earth in the stages of our evolution. Phantoms are great to use during meditation to connect fully with our higher self. Phantoms can have different colours of white, orange, red, green, purple, black and rarely blue, depending on the mineral involved.

Rainforest Rhyolite


Planet Earth, Moon and Venus

Chakra Root, Sacral and Heart


Rainforest Rhyolite also known as Rainforest Jasper, is a rare type of Rhyolitic volcanic lava. It has pockets of Quartz, Agate, Jasper and other minerals that formed around 120 million years ago in central Queensland Australia. Rainforest Rhyolite attunes you to the power of Mother Earth and her healing energies. It brings balance to your body by harmonizing the elements within you. It has a vibration of peace and clarity helping you to bring abundance into your life. The elemental nature spirits and faery are attracted to this very ancient Earth stone.

Red Aventurine


Planet Earth, Mars and Sun

Chakra Root, Sacral and Solar Plexus


 Red Aventurine is a stone of vitality for the physical body powerfully activating the first 3 chakras. It has fire and earth elemental qualities for taking action and manifestation.  Red Aventurine can stir up passions and desires which are an important motivating force.

Red Jasper


Planet Earth, Moon and Mars

Chakra Root, Sacral and Solar Plexus


Red Jasper stimulates and balances the root chakra bringing in the strong chi and life force energy from the Earth Mother. It also strengthens and detoxifies the circulatory systems of the body regulating blood flow. 

Red Phantom Quartz


Planet Earth, Venus and Mars

Chakra Root, Sacral and Solar Plexus


Red Phantom Quartz crystals usually contain a mixture of red Hematite, Limonite or Kaolinite. This crystal is very powerful in activating the Kundalini energies within the body. They will activate the first 3 chakras of the subtle body motivating you to change and grow. Red Phantoms are great to use for any creative projects. The Hematite within the quartz dissolves all negativity transmuting it with love. The Limonite is a variety of iron oxide helping to heal the liver and provides vitality. The Kaolinite is a strong banisher of any negative obstacles placed in your path. Red Phantoms bring vitality and heal the sexual organs for a healthy sex life.

Red Rutile Quartz


Planet Earth, Mars and Sun

Chakra Root, Sacral, and Solar Plexus


Red Rutile Quartz has Red Tourmaline strands within it that have a strong movement of energy effect on the body. It is a stone of strong vitality for the body and can help to unblock stagnant energies to promote an abundance of health. Red Rutile is also a very protective crystal that banishes unwanted energy ties between yourself and others.



Planet Moon, Venus and Jupiter

Chakra Sacral, Heart and Crown


Rhodocrosite brings love to the surface bringing with it wonder, joy and playful creative expression. This stone encourages a positive mentality and teaches us to be more open to love and self love.



Planet Earth, Venus, Moon and Saturn

Chakra Root, Sacral, Heart and 3rd Eye


Rhodonite teaches us the importance of balancing giving and receiving in regards to the interactions between people and the Earth. It is a stone that breaks the cycle of self importance and consumerism that takes all but never gives in return.



Planet Earth, Venus and Neptune

Chakra Throat, 3rd eye, and Heart

Rosasite attunes to the blue turquoise energies and vibrations of true self expression and teaching. It links the heart, throat and third eye chakras for higher learning and growth from experience. Rosasite clears the way for group communication in an honorable form and can help you to choose the right words at the right time in discussions.

Rose Quartz


Planet Earth, Moon, Venus and Jupiter

Chakra Root, Sacral, Heart and Crown


Rose Quartz enhances Universal Love and helps to heal the emotions of the heart. It dispels all insecurities and worries from ego which tends to separate us from the Divine presence who we actually are. It unifies us and bathes us in the true vibrations of love which is the eternal intelligence of the Universe.

Royal Sahara Picture Jasper


Planet Earth, Sun, Mars and Pluto

Chakra Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus and Throat


Royal Sahara Picture Jasper comes from the worlds hottest desert the Sahara Desert of North Africa. This Jasper is a shamanic stone used for any transformative journeying and connection to the inner Earth. It has fiery energies that can help you to move beyond the mundane and into the mystical. It is a very protective and grounding stone .

Rutile Quartz


Planet Earth, Sun, and Saturn

Chakra Root, Solar Plexus and 3rd Eye


Rutile Quartz has an electric amplification of energy which can be used to intensify what you are affirming and creating in your life.  Different Colours of the rutile will have different qualities. Green is for healing, Red is for vitality, Black is for protection and cleansing, Gold is for Divine inspirations and Silver is for psychic abilities.

Scenic Lodolite Quartz


Planet Earth, Moon, and Sun

Chakra Root, Sacral and Solar Plexus


Scenic Lodolite Quartz is formed when the Quartz encases other minerals like Calcite, Chlorite and Kaolinite. This creates the effect of an inner landscape like you are looking into a mossy rock pool. It has a gentle energy which aligns you with Mother Nature and all of her caretakers in the spiritual and elemental realms. Lodolite is a powerful healing crystal that transmutes and grounds excessive or toxic energies from the body. Meditating with Lodolite quartz brings peace and clarity of purpose.



Planet Moon, Sun, Venus and Neptune

Chakra Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart and Crown


Scolecite is a white mineral that forms in sprays sometimes outwards from a central point. It is a high vibrational mineral that assists in spiritual transformation. Scolecite connects you to your higher dimensional contacts and can unify energies. Scolecite is an energy enhancer and mover because it is both pyroelectric and piezoelectric. It can help in opening up new energetic pathways within the brain and links the mind and heart. 

Selenite White


Planet Moon, Venus, Uranus and Jupiter

Chakra Earth, Sacral, Heart, 3rd Eye and Crown


Selenite White is a form of Gypsum that forms in layers and columns deep in the Earth where there is intense heat and pressure. Selenite enhances spirituality by refining the energy bodies to take in more spiritual light and adjusting them into the physical body. It cleanses the aura from environmental pollutants and seals the aura with the higher frequencies of spirit. Selenite is an Angelic crystal, to help with higher communication try sleeping with a piece under your pillow. It opens and clears the crown and higher chakras helping to integrate you into wholeness.

Seraphinite Gold


Planet Earth, Sun, Saturn, and Jupiter

Chakra Root, Solar Plexus, 3rd Eye and Crown

Seraphinite Gold is a form of Seraphinite that is brown and has gold feathery patterns like angel wings within it. It attracts your Angelic self and helpers into your life especially when guidance is needed to overcome difficulties or painful situations. Gold Seraphinite brings in the golden rays of spirit more fully into your crown chakra and bathes the aura in protective light.

Seraphinite Green


Planet Earth, Sun, Venus and Neptune

Chakra Root. Solar Plexus, Heart and Crown


Seraphinite is a beautiful stone that comes from Lake Baikal in Russia. Green Seraphinite is an Angelic stone that has green feathery patterns within it. It has very high vibrations that activates and heals the heart. It is a powerful healer and a regenerative stone that can heal more quickly. It connects you with your higher self and spiritual guides bringing you peace, joy and wholeness. Used in healing green Seraphinite moves out old energy patterns and helps to release toxins from the body.

Serpentine Augite


Planet Moon, Sun, Venus and Saturn

Chakra Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart and 3rd Eye


Serpentine with Augite is a form of yellowish green serpentine with grey and black markings of Augite. It gently helps to heal the emotional and mental body from unhealthy feelings and thoughts. It can help you to move through false beliefs and negative thought patterns.

Serpentine Green


Planet Earth, Moon, Sun, Venus and Jupiter

Chakra Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart and Crown


Serpentine is a stone used by the ancients to help raise the spiritual and earth Kundalini forces within the spine. Placing serpentine at the top of the head during meditation can magnetize the kundalini energy to the crown. It powerfully removes energy blockages for a healthy flow of energy. It aligns all the chakras and energy meridian channels into their higher energy function.  Green Serpentine balances and clears each area it is placed on the body.

Serpentine Stichtite


Planet Earth, Venus and Jupiter

Chakra Root, Heart and Crown


Serpentine with Purple Stichtite is also known as Atlantisite and comes from Tasmania Australia. Serpentine Stichtite is a powerful healing crystal that unifies the heart and crown chakras. It clears the auric fields and vitalizes the heart center. Placed upon the Earth Atlantisite can heal the ley lines from past traumatic events and heal lands where many have died in battle.  The combination of green serpentine and purple stitchtite will speed up the recovery process of the body. 

Serpentine Yellow


Planet Earth, Sun and Uranus

Chakra Root, Solar Plexus and 3rd Eye


Serpentine Yellow purifies and amplifies the solar plexus and chakra of will. It is aligned with the powers of the Sun. Serpentine yellow balances the brain hemispheres and creates a bridge to higher mind functions.



Planet Mercury, Saturn and Neptune

Chakra Throat, 3rd Eye and Crown


Shattuckite is a stone which raises the vibrational frequency and enhances psychic abilites of the throat and 3rd eye chakras. It helps to clear the psychic centers and seals the aura in a protective bubble of blue ray energies. Shattuckite can help those who are sensitive to other energies bringing them calm and peace out of chaos.  It is very protective during astral travel or interdimensional communications such as mediumship or channelling.



Planet All Planets

Chakra All Chakras


Shungite comes from Shunga Village Karelia Russia. It is more than 2 billion years old made from living single cell organisms. Shungite can have between  30 percent and  98 percent carbon. It has a Fullerene molecular structure that is different from other forms of carbon like Graphite or Diamond. Shungite has amazing healing and detoxifying energies. It counteracts all harmful effects caused by electro-pollution technologies like wifi and cell phones. It is a natural antioxidant that boosts the immune system and increases vitality.

Silver Rutile Quartz


Planet Moon, Venus and Saturn

Chakra Sacral, Heart and 3rd Eye


Silver Rutile Quartz is a rare form of rutile quartz that strongly opens the 3rd eye for psychic abilities. It strengthens intuition and visual imagination. It is a strong receptive crystal helping in mental telepathy and empathy skills.

Smoky Quartz


Planet Earth, Mars, and Venus

Chakra Root, Solar Plexus and Heart


Smoky Quartz is one of the most grounding crystals. It will protect an entire area of accumulated negativity by transmuting the energies back into harmony with the Earth. It is a positive crystal that lends you physical stamina and can assist in overcoming depression and other mental imbalances. Used in meditation it will ground your spirit fully into your body.



Planet Moon, Mercury, Uranus and Neptune

Chakra Heart, Throat, 3rd Eye and Crown


Sodalite enhances intuition and psychic abilities. A good stone for dream recall and for bringing in higher information into conscious awareness. Sodalite is a stone of truth and encourages you to speak the truth without any fear of what others think. It clears any electromagnetic pollution from your environment bringing clarity of mind and less confusion due to electronic interferance. It balances your thoughts and emotions for a higher perspective.

Snowflake Obsidian


Planet Earth, Moon, Sun and Saturn

Chakra Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus and 3rd Eye


Snowflake Obsidian can stabilize the movement of Kundalini life force energies that can release too early and create a crisis. It helps to draw emotions to the surface to be healed and to free oneself from negative habits. Snowflake Obsidian helps you to be receptive to answers from within instead of relying on answers from others and their opinions.

Spirit Quartz


Planet Earth, Sun, Uranus and Jupiter

Chakra Root, Solar Plexus, 3rd Eye and Crown


Spirit Quartz is also named Cactus Quartz and occurs in nature when the main crystal point has been overgrown with tiny small crystals that finish just before the main crystal apex point. This gives the crystal added powers and amplified energy. Spirit Quartz like the name suggests connects the mind with the higher self and attunes you to your Angelic Holy Angel guide. Spirit Quartz clears and activates from the solar plexus upwards into all of the higher chakras.

Stellar Beam Calcite


Planet Mercury, Uranus, and Jupiter

Chakra Throat, 3rd Eye and Crown


Stellar Beam Calcite is a form of Dogtooth shaped Calcite that is very clear and extremely high in vibrational frequency. It connects you with Universal knowledge and laws towards an understanding of Cosmic Conscious awareness. It enhances telepathic communications with other beings in the Universe and our local Galaxy. Stellar beam calcite when used in meditation can focus your heart intentions for clear communications with star ancestors and Angelic beings. When used in healing it will cut away negative energy cords and can be used for psychic surgery to remove old patterns in the energy field so that healing can occur more efficiently.

Strombolite Spurrite


Planet Earth, Venus, Pluto , Uranus and Jupiter

Chakra Root, Heart, Throat, 3rd Eye and Crown


Strombolite is a form of Spurrite and is a mix of purple and grey colouring with white lightning bolt streaks through it. It is a very positive and protecting stone aligning with the storm element. Strombolite is a magical stone that assists in the creation and manifestation process. It redirects thought and emotional energies into what you focus upon and want to happen. It is expanding yet grounding. Strombolite strengthens all telepathic and psychic abilities. It protects during astral travel or shamanic journeying.



Planet Venus, Pluto and Jupiter

Chakra Heart, Throat and Crown


Sugilite is a high vibrational stone opening the crown chakra to Universal Love and wisdom. It is very protective and enhances a positive mindset. Sugilite can relieve headaches and aligns the nervous system and brain in a way that helps to prevent epilepsy and other nerve problems. Sugilite places a protective purple ray sheild around the aura and grounds the higher vibrations into the physical. It can guide you with your life purpose and the actions that you need to take to fulfill that purpose.



Planet Moon, Mars, and Sun

Chakra Root, Sacral, and Solar Plexus


Sunstone is a stone of joy, light heartedness and creative freedom. It attracts all forms of abundance, fun, luck, vitality and personal power. The form of Sunstone called Confetti Sunstone is Plagioclase Feldspar which has flecks of Hematite that shimmer and sparkle. Sunstone helps us to lighten up and laugh even in times of challenge or stressful situations because it breaks up negativity.  Laughter is the quickest way to banish dense and negative energy out of your mind and body.

Super Seven Amethyst


Planet All Planets

Chakra All Chakras


Super Seven Amethyst is a form of Amethyst with inclusions of Clear Quartz, Cacoxenite, Smoky Quartz, Lepidocrocite. Rutile and Geothite. This is a powerful combination for your aura and to expand and clear your conscious mind. The Amethyst opens and clears the crown chakra. The Clear Quartz enhances your intentions. The Cacoxenite attracts spiritual growth and new ideas. The Smoky Quartz will ground your spirit into embodiment and shield your energy fields. The Lepidocrocite brings gratitude and joy into your life. The Rutile and Geothite will assist in moving any stagnating patterns of mind or emotions to be cleared. Some Super Seven crystals can also have Prasiolite or Green Amethyst which is a strong heart connection with Universal Love.

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