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Art10Zen Disclaimer

The information on crystal properties and healing provided by Art10Zen is for intuitional guidance only.
It is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice from a certified professional.

Please take responsibility for your own health and in researching alternative healing methods.

Crystals have been studied scientifically where there has been recorded evidence of health benefits,
yet healing has to be a wholistic approach and many factors have to work together within the human being,
and their environment.


Mahogany Obsidian


Planet Earth, Mars, Sun and Saturn

Chakra Root, Sacral, Solar plexus and 3rd Eye


Mahogany Obsidian vitalizes the base and sacral chakras. It is a stone of purification allowing you to release negative patterns of energy. Mahogany obsidian shields you from psychic attack and helps you to reclaim your personal power. It cleanses and improves the blood circulation and helps to relieve pain and tension in the body. Mahogany obsidian will balance the flow of energies in the sexual chakra for a healthy libido.



Planet Earth and Venus

Chakra Root and Heart


Malachite is one of the most popular green stones used in ancient Egypt for its healing and balancing properties. It has very powerful protective energies that will help to prevent psychic attack by shielding the aura from negative intrusion. Malachite is very soothing for the heart and emotions and will unblock any stagnant energies there. It is an Earth Mother stone attuning you to nature and her nurturing vital energies.

Midnight Lace Obsidian


Planet Earth, Pluto, and Saturn

Chakra Root, Throat and 3rd Eye


Midnight Lace Obsidian is a form of obsidian that has bands of black and smoky obsidian. It is a shamanic stone that can help reveal any hidden information in the unconscious self, bringing it into the light of conscious awareness. Midnight lace obsidian is very protective and purifying of the aura and subtle bodies. It can help to integrate during shadow work parts of the personality that need refining into wholeness.

Mongolian Elestial Quartz


Planet Earth, Moon, Sun, Mercury and Jupiter

Chakra Root, Heart, Solar Plexus, Throat and Crown


Mongolian Elestial Quartz is a form of quartz that has many terminations over the whole body of the crystal. They are a high altitude crystal that are hand harvested in the mountains of inner Mongolia. These crystals get energies moving again by amplifying the life force circulation through the body. Mongolian Elestials expand your state of consciousness attuning you to your higher self and angelic guidance. They will open psychic channels of the subtle system and help you to be aware of your multidimensional abilities. Mongolian Elestials are powerful spiritual awakening crystals that can focus many energies together into unity and wholeness.

Mongolian Quartz


Planet Earth, Sun, Uranus and Neptune

Chakra Root, Solar Plexus, 3rd Eye and Crown


Mongolian Quartz comes from the high altitude mountains of Mongolia. It has a very high vibrational energy that is very transformative. It can assist you in shamanic inner journeying and open awareness for multidimensional experiences. Mongolian Quartz focuses your concentration for visualization during meditation helping to manifest your desires.



Planet Moon, Venus, Uranus and Neptune

Chakra Sacral, Heart, 3rd Eye and Crown


Moonstone strenghtens intuition and soothes any negative emotions washing away unwanted feelings. It clears and heals the pineal gland and endocrine system. A stone of the Goddess and moon cycles, Moonstone will attune you to the natural rhythms in your menstral cycle bringing hormones back into balance. Moonstone will help you to be receptive to the subtle energies and psychic currents of information that you can pick up with your higher senses. It connects you with the Divine Feminine qualities of wisdom and nourishment for your soul.

Morado Opal


Planet Earth, Uranus and Jupiter

Chakra Root, 3rd Eye and Crown

morado opal

Morado Opal is a form of opal that is white and purple in colour that is found near Mexico. It is associated with the star system of the Pleiades and can help you to connect with pleidian teachings and wisdom. It opens and clears the 3rd eye and crown chakras bringing the violet ray of transformation of consciousness. Morado Opal is good to use for regulating your energy flow and encouraging new changes into your life.

Moss Agate


Planet Earth, Moon and Sun

Chakra Root, Sacral and Solar Plexus


Moss Agate aligns you with the Earth and elemental beings who are caretakers of the lands. It gives you stamina and vitality with powerful fast healing ability. This stone brings about abundance of all types and guides you via your gut instincts and intuitions of how to manifest your life path. Moss Agate provides balance in the immune system and is a wonderful stone to assist in communication with the plants, trees and animals.



Planet Earth, Venus, Mars and Saturn

Chakra Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus and 3rd Eye


Nunderite is a very rare stone which was mined in the 1960’s at Nundora Station near Broken Hill NSW Australia. No more is being mined as its on a private property. Nunderite contains Aegerine, Jadeite and Orthoclase Feldspar. This stone protects and seals the aura, meridians, adrenals, and chakric systems. It protects from all psychic attack and energy vampirism by cutting subtle cords that can hook into your auric field and chakras from negative people or lower astral beings. It calms emotional turmoil and fears so that others cannot hook their manipulative energies into your chakras. Nunderite is an excellent Goddess stone, building self esteem, self reliance and confidence that radiates the Divine Feminine and Masculine vibration. It assists in opening the heart chakra and balances the yin and yang energies. Nunderite is a very positive and healing stone. It attracts the faery and nature spirits who are care takers of the Earth.



Planet Earth, Moon, and Saturn

Chakra Root, Sacral and 3rd Eye


Nuumite is a stone of shamanic wisdom as it draws from the fiery energies of Mother Earth and the storm element. It brings to light any hidden knowledge and increases synchronicities into your life experience. Nuumite allows you to delve into the depths of your subconscious and find the gifts there. It is an ancient stone formed around 3 billion years ago and will share wisdom from the ancient Goddess energies. Nuumite also has a strong electromagnetic field that aligns all of the subtle bodies into  their higher functioning.

Oceanite Indigo Calcite


Planet Earth, Venus, Pluto, Uranus and Neptune

Chakra Root, Sacral, Throat, 3rd Eye and Crown


Oceanite Indigo Calcite is a rare form of blue calcite mined in the mountains of Argentina. Oceanite has the frequencies of ancient Lemuria and can open your receptiveness to ancient knowledge and guidance. A powerful cleansing stone it can wash away all stagnant energies that are holding you back from your true potential. Oceanite Indigo calcite enhances all psychic abilities such as clairaudience, clairvoyance and clairsentience. It clears and empowers the 3rd eye and throat chakras balancing them for their higher functioning.  Oceanite is a ssociated with the Earth and Water elements and the Goddesses of the sea.

Ocean Jasper


Planet Earth, Moon, Sun and Venus

Chakra Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus and Heart


Ocean Jasper comes from Madagascar and has beautiful orbs of colour within the stone, reminding us of our hidden aspects that can bubble up to the surface of our personality. Ocean jasper assists in balancing the yin and yang energies of the body. It is aligned with the wisdom of the ocean, and the rhythm and flow of life. It unifies any conflicting energies within the body and mind , bringing a natural state of harmony and unity. It is a gentle and nurturing stone. Aligned with the Gods and Goddesses of the ocean it moves energies like the waves of the sea, that need to be transformed.



Planet Earth, Moon, Venus and Mercury

Chakra Root, Sacral, Heart and Throat


Opal is truly beautiful to the eye and has a lovely play of colours reflecting int the light. It is formed over millions of years when water and silica bond together and solidify through the cracks in the Earth. This stone is to be loved because it helps in all forms of healing and is a very protective stone. It radiates spiritual energies and vitalizes your aura treating any imbalances. Opal is a stone to communicate with our ancestors and reminds us where we have come from and where we are headed in an evolutionary sense.

Orange Calcite


Planet Earth, Moon and Sun

Chakra Root, Sacral and Solar Plexus


Orange Calcite is a strong solar energy stone empowering the solar plexus and sacral chakras. It is a great stone for all creativity and utilizing sexual energies for self transformation towards enlightenment. Orange calcite creates vitality, promotes activity, and encourages you to move forward with self esteem and confidence.

Orange Peach Scolecite


Planet Mars, and Sun

Chakra Root, Sacral and Solar Plexus

Orange Peach Scolecite is a high vibrational crystal attuning you to your higher Angelic self. This form of Scolecite clears and heals the 2nd and 3rd chakras bringing balance. It raises you energetically above the 3rd dimensional habits and patterning that can keep you in survival consciousness. Orange Peach Scolecite enhances your creativity and inspirations with joy and enthusiasm for new projects. 

Orange Selenite


Planet Earth, Mars, and Sun

Chakra Root, Sacral and Solar Plexus


Orange Selenite uplifts the energies of the solar plexus and sacral chakras bringing them into higher functioning to create a higher Divine will. It enhances joy and optimistic feelings to move you forward into exciting new experiences. Orange Selenite can bring peace and serenity to your environment.

Orange Sardonyx


Planet Earth, Venus and Mars

Chakra Root, Sacral and Solar Plexus


Orange Sardonyx is a stone of vibrant life force which heightens fertility and libido. It has strong psychic protection energies that strengthens your will. Orange Sardonyx purifies and energizes your first 3 chakras helping you to overcome challenges. It grounds you and helps you to stay centered moving through any adversity with ease. It enhances courage and daring to be different than the norm.

Outback Jasper


Planet Earth, Mars and Venus

Chakra Root, Solar Plexus and Heart


Outback Jasper comes from Western Australia and has beautiful patterns of brown cream and pink. It is  a powerful healer of old wounds associated with the Australian land and its caretakers the original peoples and elders. It reminds us that we must forgive the past but never forget how harm came to the aboriginals and the land because of greed. We must educate and create a more moral and spiritually oriented society that does not harm or manipulate others. Outback Jasper will help you to realize the importance of respect for all life no matter what form it takes plant, crystal, animal, or human.

Peach Aventurine


Planet Moon, Venus, and Sun

Chakra Sacral, Heart and Solar Plexus


Peach Aventurine is a healing crystal that soothes your nerves and calms your emotions. It will help to give you self confidence and attract good fortune. Peach Aventurine holds the power of the sun giving you a more positive outlook on the situations in your life. It is a perfect crystal to use for all creativity and expanding your creative skills. It clears and opens the sacral and solar plexus chakras giving you a boost to manifest your desires.

Peach Moonstone


Planet Moon, Sun and Uranus

Chakra Sacral, Solar Plexus and 3rd Eye

Peach Moonstone assists unleashing your creative energies from the sacral chakra and moving the creative energy into the heart for a beautiful expression. It can help you to feel passion and enjoy sensual delights again in your life. Peach Moonstone is a gentle stone that calms all fears of self image so you can enjoy being naked and be open to intimacy. It is a stone of the Goddess and helps to heal all feminine issues.

Picasso Jasper


Planet Earth, Pluto and Saturn

Chakra Root, Throat, amd 3rd Eye


Picasso Jasper has amazing streaks of patterns throughout the stone making it not only amazing to look at but it has movement of energy. Picasso Jasper brings the creative intelligence from the Universal Spirit into the soul of the person it is in contact with. It channels inspirations from the higher creative realms and brings it into the mind and consciousness. Picasso Jasper helps to bring the inner visions and feelings  into awareness so the artist can manifest these into a form.

Picture Jasper


Planet Earth, Mars, Sun and Mercury

Chakra Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus and Throat


Picture Jasper is a stone of creative visualisation and awareness. It assists with astral travel and past life memory recall. It connects with ancient civilizations that were once thriving on Mother Earth and can help you to tap into the Earth wisdom of the ancients. A great stone to use for any creative activities because it combines the elements of Fire, Air and Earth.



Planet Venus, Mars, and Pluto

Chakra Sacral, Solar Plexus and 3rd Eye


Pietersite has a powerful energy that combines the solar plexus  chakra and the 3rd eye uniting them. It activates the creative drive within you and helps you to express thoughts into form. It utilizes the power of your imagination and deeper inner self. Pietersite can have a combination of the colours red, orange, green, blue and sometimes purple within it. This makes it a very balancing crystal to use for healing and self empowerment.

Pilbara Jasper


Planet Earth, Mars, Sun and Saturn

Chakra Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus and 3rd Eye


Pilbara Jasper is  a form of jasper found in the Pilbara region of North Western Australia. The Aboriginal people or Yindjibandi and original caretakers of this region of land predates 40,000 years ago. This stone has great healing energies for the veins, vessels and blood of the body. It contains iron content within this jasper so is a stone of vitality and protection. It has strong protective energies for the etheric body and connects you powerfully with Mother Earth. Pilbara Jasper holds within it the ancient wisdom from the Yindjibarndi songlines and if you come from your heart the elders might visit you to share some of that wisdom in your dreams.

Pistachio Calcite


Planet Venus and Earth

Chakra Heart and Crown


Pistachio Calcite is a form of lovely banded green Calcite mined in Pakistan. It can be a light minty green colour but also a richer banded yellow green with aqua green. Pistachio Calcite activates the heart intelligence and strengthens intuition for inner knowing like gnosis. It is perfect to use in healing and can help you to align your soul purpose. Pistachio Calcite is very balancing and nurturing of the etheric body, shielding you in a vibrant green light energy. It works quickly to disperse unhealthy energies from the auric fields.



Planet Sun, Venus and Jupiter

Chakra Solar Plexus, Heart and Crown


Phosphosiderite is an iron and phosphorous rich stone which emits powerful energies unifying the higher chakras above the crown. It assists in attuning to the higher spiritual frequencies for communication through the soul star and heart chakras. Phosphosiderite creates universal trust and direct inner knowing and guidance. This stone is fantastic in transmuting anger and negative emotions into positive action and healing of the heart and mind. It helps you to cultivate an open mind, optimism, acceptance, joy and gratitude.

Pink Aragonite


Planet Venus and Jupiter

Chakra Heart and Crown


Pink Aragonite is a stone of heart healing and expansion of the frequencies of love. It is a Divine Feminine stone building a bridge of universal love and trust. Pink Aragonite centers you for deep meditation and brings a sense of calm focus. It opens the heart and crown for higher communications making a more unified field of experience. It links souls together for spiritual love and spiritual growth with strong compassion and understanding.

Pink Mangano Calcite


Planet Earth, Moon, Venus and Jupiter

Chakra Root, Sacral, Heart and Crown


Pink Mangano Calcite is a form of pink calcite that comes from Peru and Brazil. Pink Mangano Calcite is a stone that unifies the heart and balances the masculine and feminine energies. A strong support for healing this stone forges a strong energetic connection between healer and client who is receiving healing. It assists healing by flowing its energies into the location needed for healing. It is a very calming, soothing and uplifting stone that releases body tensions.

Pink Opal


Planet Earth, Venus, Saturn and Neptune

Chakra Root, Heart, 3rd Eye and Crown


Pink Opal is a stone of the Goddess who is gentle yet fiercly powerful as well. It blends the Earth red fiery life force ray with the white ray of spirit. It is a good stone to use on the spiritual path and for all psychic healing abilities. Pink Opal is a very gentle stone full of compassion but it also teaches us that what we put out in vibes we also attract in return.

Pink Tourmaline


Planet Earth, Moon, Sun and Venus

Chakra Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus and Heart


Pink Tourmaline strengthens the endocrine system and helps to treat heart issues. It raises the red ray of the root chakra into the heart centre balancing emotional and motivations of desire. Pink Tourmaline heals any emotional traumas by bringing gratitude, joy and new inspiration into your life. It attracts love especially from the spiritual realms. It cleanses and releases any old emotional wounds and frees you from past guilt or worry bringing you into the present peacefully. Pink Tourmaline has powerful nurturing energies.

Poppy Jasper


Planet Earth, Mars, and Sun

Chakra Root, Sacral and Solar Plexus


Poppy Jasper is a super boost of energy and vitality when it is worn on the body. It can revitalize any sluggish areas of the body enhancing the flow of energy. Poppy Jasper brings an optimistic outlook in life and helps with treating depression. It is an uplifting stone that brings joy and enthusiasm for life and adventure.

Prasiolite Green Amethyst


Planet Earth, Moon, Venus, Saturn and Neptune

Chakra Root, Sacral, Heart, 3rd Eye and Crown


Prasiolite is a form of Amethyst that has had a spike in heat and pressure that causes the purple amethyst to turn green into Prasiolite. It is a Goddess crystal that embodies nature and the Earth Mysteries. It is a powerful healing crystal that empowers you with the life force and heart energies. Prasiolite can stimulate the 3rd eye and crown for higher communications bringing more love oriented practical solutions to the Earth plane of experience. It is a crystal of abundance and wealth connecting you to the energies of Universal abundance and prosperity.



Planet Earth, Sun, and Neptune

Chakra Root, Solar Plexus and Crown


Prehnite reminds us of our real personal sovereign power. It aligns the higher intellect with the heart bringing them into perfect balance. It is a strong attractor of the Faery, Deva and Nature spirit realms, connecting your consciousness with Mother Earth and her caretakers. Prehnite links the solar plexus and heart chakra making a powerful force to manifest your hearts desires. Green Prehnite enhances psychic gifts like prophecy and visions before they happen, and it connects you to the higher dimensional realms of communication and intelligence.

Preseli Bluestone


Planet Earth, Moon, Sun, Saturn and Jupiter

Chakra Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, 3rd Eye, and Crown


Preseli Bluestone is a form of granite that was placed at the megalith called Stonehenge thousands of years ago. It comes from the Preseli Mountains in England. Preseli Bluestone helps you to connect with the ancient Earth wisdom teachers. A natural magnetic and piezoelectric stone it can carry immense healing and transformative energies. Preseli Bluestone has the Merlin Magic potentials of tapping into other dimensions and the knowledge received there. Preseli Bluestone balances the chakras and meridians of the body creating a stronger flow of energy. It is a very grounding stone which magnetizes the higher finer spiritual energies and grounds them into your body and the physical Earth Plane. 

Purple Aventurine


Planet Uranus, Jupiter and Neptune

Chakra 3rd Eye and Crown


Purple Aventurine can have a mauve to purple colour with flecks of lepidolite within it. It is a stone of joy and uplifting energies. It unleashes the playful child within to have more fun being spontaneous and adventurous. It activates the 3rd eye and crown chakras enhancing creative inspirations. Purple Aventurine is a protective stone sealing the aura in the purple ray higher frequencies.

Purple Jade


Planet Earth, Venus , Mercury, and Saturn

Chakra Root, Heart, Throat and 3rd Eye


 Purple Jade connects you with your oversoul and grounds the high frequency spirit into matter and the Earth plane. It assists with discernment of truth and helps us on our spiritual development. It brings joy, inspiration and nurturing to the soul during the trials of physical life.



Planet Venus, Uranus and Jupiter

Chakra Heart, 3rd Eye and Crown


Purpurite has a very balancing frequency that attunes you to your angelic self and presence. It brings in new perceptions and ideas through the crown chakra and 3rd eye. Purpurite can expand consciousness initiating the ego into Universal awareness and wisdom. It stimulates brain activity and activates new pathways in the brain. Purpurite integrates and balances both hemispheres of the brain for its higher potential of development.



Planet Earth, Sun and Saturn

Chakra Root, Solar Plexus and 3rd Eye


Pyrite enhances your willpower to overcome negative traits and addictive habits. It empowers the solar plexus with the energies of the sun. It stimulates creativity and confidence with your abilities. It is perfect to sheild the aura with its reflective qualities from any negative harmful energies.

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