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The information on crystal properties and healing provided by Art10Zen is for intuitional guidance only.
It is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice from a certified professional.

Please take responsibility for your own health and in researching alternative healing methods.

Crystals have been studied scientifically where there has been recorded evidence of health benefits,
yet healing has to be a wholistic approach and many factors have to work together within the human being,
and their environment.

Hematoid Quartz


Planet Moon, Mars and Sun

Chakra Root, Sacral and Solar Plexus


Hematoid Quartz is a powerful combination of Clear Quartz and Hematite that will transform all negative and toxic
energies into Universal Light and balance. It can help to bring clarity in times of confusion, heightens awareness, and
assists in focus and concentration of thought energies. Hematiod Quartz grounds excessive energies bringing balance, vitality and joy..

Hemimorphite Blue


Planet Mercury, Pluto, Uranus and Neptune

Chakra Throat, 3rd Eye, and Crown


Blue Hemimorphite is a very important stone because it initiates changes in our beliefs and what our minds have been habitually focused on. It awakens our consciousness and expands our awareness beyond the physical reminding us that we are spirit inhabiting the body and not just the body mind. Hemimorphite blue activates the 3rd eye and throat for mediumship and channelling your higher self wisdom.

Hemimorphite Green


Planet Earth, Moon, Saturn and Jupiter

Chakra Root, Heart, 3rd Eye and Crown


Green Hemimorphite is a stone of healing of the emotional body with forgiveness and the ability to move on. It helps to cleanse the aura and to activate the light body. It brings clarity to all situations for further progress. Green Hemimorphite helps to strengthen the skeletal structures of the body.

Herkimer Diamond


Planet Sun, Mercury and Neptune

Chakra Solar Plexus, Throat, and Crown

Herkimer Diamonds are a very high vibrational crystal that grow within Geode pockets of rock. The small clear variety are found at Herkimer New York, and they are harder than quartz almost like diamonds. These crystals are a manifestation of pure light growing freely from a seed within a host rock. Herkimer diamonds are used for any type of healing and energy alignments on the physical or subtle levels. They open up higher dimensional communication and connect you fully with your higher self and oversoul. They are powerful for gem essences and when placed in water will purify and heal.

Heulandite Pink


Planet Earth, Moon, Saturn and Jupiter

Chakra Root, Heart, 3rd Eye, and Crown


 Heulandite has a high vibration and can attune you with the Ancient civilizations of Atlantis and Lemuria. It assists in connecting you with the Akashic records and healing any past life issues. Heulandite strengthens psychic ability and clarity of vision for mental telepathy. It is also good to use for starseeds who wish to communicate with their star beings and soul families in the cosmos.

Hiddenite Green Kunzite


Planet Venus, and Neptune

Chakra Heart and Crown

Hiddenite is Green Kunzite that awakens the heart for the ability to feel the connectedness with the Universal love web of life. It holds the frequency of Divine love and helps with soul and group soul communication. Hiddenite heals emotional attachments and refines energy ties in relationships. It carries the energies of love and gratitude. Hiddenite will balance giving and receiving love with respect and honour for self and accepting others as they are with the understanding of where they are at in growth. We are all responsible for our own stuff and Hiddenite can help us with a higher understanding of why and where we currently are at mentally and emotionally.

Himalayan Quartz


Planet Earth, Mars, Uranus and Jupiter

Chakra Root, Solar Plexus, 3rd Eye and Crown


Himalayan Quartz is formed in the high altitude mountains of the Himalayas. They usually have clear shiny surfaces and a pinkish light orange colour. These crystals have intense energies that bring about transformation and movement of energy towards growth and the new. Himalayan Quartz can activate the inner kundalini energies from the base of the spine moving it upwards towards the crown of the head. They are attractors of higher dimensional guides and the angelic realms for support. Himalayan quartz brings clarity of vision and powerful spiritual awakenings if you are receptive for this. They can show you what you need to do towards a more enlightened expression of self.

Hollandite Quartz


Planet All Planets

Chakra All Chakras

Hollandite stars in quartz are powerful crystals that can point the way and direction towards your true destiny. The tiny stars of Hollandite can bring strong spiritual activations to the crown chakra and meaningful awakenings. These crystals are great for psychic impressions helping you to attune to the past the present or the future. Hollandite quartz aligns all of the chakras and unblocks the meridians for a fine tuned energy flow throughout your energy systems.

Honey Calcite


Planet Venus, Sun and Saturn

Chakra Sacral, Solar Plexus and 3rd Eye


Honey Calcite clears and energizes the solar plexus and mental subtle bodies. It is a stone of productivity helping you to complete tasks with ease. Honey Calcite vitalises the body and aligns your will with your higher mind. It can teach you how to take appropriate actions in your life and encourages you to use your skills and talents instead of wasting them. Honey Calcite balances both hemispheres of the brain for more mental energy that is focused and clear.



Planet Earth, Moon, Saturn and Neptune

Chakra Root, Sacral, 3rd Eye and Crown


Hypersthene consists of magnesium and iron silicate and has a reflective surface similar to labradorite. It is a stone of the shaman when used in meditation can provide deep revelations on what energies are involved in situations. It links the chakras into a harmonious balance and is a powerful grounding stone.

Indigo Gabbro


Planet Earth, Moon, Sun and Saturn

Chakra Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus and 3rd Eye


Indigo Gabbro was formed 140 million years ago during the cretaceous period forming deep in the Earth and oceanic crusts from cooling magma. This stone is a mixture of some of the following minerals Black Pyroxene, Amphibole, Plagioclase Feldspar, Magnetite, Muscovite, Enstatite and Olivine. This stone is ancient and is associated with the star nations  and early civilizations before recorded history. A magical and high frequency stone it emits the star energies of our sun and other stars within our Galaxy. Indigo Gabbro is a powerful awakening stone, expanding consciousness so that we can connect with ancient ancestors and galactic community. Indigo Gabbro is an Earth Mother stone and record keeper of ancient earth wisdom including the elementals in nature.



Planet Moon, Venus, Uranus and Neptune

Chakra Sacral, Heart, 3rd Eye and Crown


Iolite is a stone of psychic clairvoyance and psychic gifts that is good to use as a visualization tool. It helps you to be motivated and more organized in your life. It has the beautiful violet ray of transmutation and clears the auric fields. Iolite is a crystal of the mystic and expands the imagination for all creative ventures. Iolite lenses were used by the vikings for navigation across the seas to new lands so was associated with the sea Gods and Goddesses.

Iolite Sunstone


Planet Venus, Sun, Saturn and Jupiter

Chakra Sacral, Solar Plexus, 3rd Eye and Crown


Iolite Sunstone is a mixture of purple iolite and amber sunstone flecks.  The sparkly flecks are from tiny pieces of hematite and Goethite that reflect in the light. It is a stone of the shaman representing the light emanating through the darkness like stars in the night sky. A powerful stone for any past life recall and self renewal. It assists in enlightenment and aligns you to the stars and galactic energies. Iolite sunstone enhances psychic and intuitive ablilities.  Iolite sunstone clears the energies of the sacral, solar plexus, third eye and crown chakras aligning them to work together more powerfully.

Indigo Aura


Planet Pluto, Uranus and Jupiter

Chakra Throat, 3rd Eye and Crown


Indigo Aura also called Tanzine Aura is created in a vaccuum chamber and super heated with particles of Gold and Iridium. It is a powerful crystal of the violet indigo ray that clears and activates the 3rd eye. It shields the aura and enhances spirituality by realization of the Divine essence within. Indigo aura is perfect to use for dream work, visions and imagination.

Jade Green


Planet Earth, Moon and Venus

Chakra Root, Sacral and Heart


Jade helps to calm the nervous system, stabilizes the personality and integrates both hemispheres of the brain for a healthy mind. It can eliminate toxins from the body and is a great healing stone for the heart. Green Jade is protective and nurturing also attracting good luck into your life circumstances.

Kaleidoscope Agate


Planet All Planets

Chakra All Chakras


Kaleidoscope Agate is a combination of Agate, Fluorite, Azurite, Malachite, Cuprite, Amethyst and Chrysocolla. This stone has an amazing combination that unifies all the chakras and helps to ground the higher vibrations of spirit into matter. It also corrects any imbalances within the auric field and heals the body. Kaleidoscope Agate is a Goddess stone that is aligned with the Goddesses of love like venus.

Kambaba Jasper


Planet Earth, Moon and Venus

Chakra Root, Sacral and Heart


Kambaba Jasper is a supreme nurturing and soothing stone helping you to be centered and peaceful. The dark patters in this jasper are from fossilized algae called Stromatolites that are around 3 billion years old. Because Kambaba Jasper is an ancient stone it is strongly attuned to the Earth consciousness and Earth keeper ancestral wisdom. A very strong Earth Goddess stone that will attune you back to nature and your natural rhythm with Mother Earth.

Kundalini Quartz


Planet Earth, Sun, Saturn and Jupiter

Chakra Root, Solar Plexus, 3rd Eye and Crown


Kundalini Quartz is a type of smoky Citrine quartz found in the Congo area of Africa. They are crystals that have a high vibrational energy that activates your inner energies. They can be used to rouse the inner fire serpent of kundalini to rise up from the base of the spine to the crown of the head bringing transformation of mind and body. Kundalini quartz clears and aligns all of your chakras and meridians for a higher flow of your spiritual and refined etheric energies. Kundalini quartz awakens the crown chakra and helps to expand your consciousness towards enlightenment. It assists in manifesting your highest ideals and hearts desires.

Kunzite Pink


Planet Moon, Venus and Jupiter

Chakra Sacral, Heart and Crown

Kunzite pink is full of the universal love vibration and is a powerful healer of the emotions and heart. It creates strong soul links from heart to heart strengthening support and friendships. Kunzite pink helps you with  the universal trust that you will be supported and that all things happen in Divine timing.



Planet Venus, Pluto, Uranus, and Neptune

Chakra Heart, Throat, 3rd Eye and Crown


Labradorite is a very powerful, magical and protective crystal used in all psychic abilities and interdimensional journeys. It strengthens the auric fields and shields from harmful electromagnetic frequencies in the environment. It also sweeps away negative energies projected from other people. Labradorite is a crystal of awareness and spiritual awakening that is perfect to use during meditation. It strengthens your intuition and psychic gifts.

Lapis Lace Onyx


Planet Earth, Moon, Venus and Pluto

Chakra Root, Sacral, Heart and Throat

Lapis Lace Onyx is a form of Blue Scheelite that comes from Turkey. It is a crystal of the Divine Feminine mysteries and ancient civilizations. It can link the throat and 3rd eye chakras raising their frequency with the crown chakra and 8th chakra above the head creating a unified field. Lapis Lace can help you to illuminate the brain in stages that are aligned with your soul and spiritual growth. It gently opens your perception to the multidimensional realities. It is a powerful magical crystal to use for priestesses for mediumship and using the voice to channel the Goddess wisdom.

Lapis Lazuli


Planet Sun, Moon, Mercury, Uranus

Chakra Solar Plexus, Sacral, Throat and 3rd Eye


Lapis Lazuli helps to awaken the Divine Godself within and brings it into the conscious awareness. It helps us to open our awareness to the multidimensional aspects of the universe. It heals and strengthens the 3rd eye and throat chakras for clear communication, creativity and self expression. Lapis was venerated by the ancient Egyptians for its healing and spiritual awakening properties. They saw the resemblance of the starry night sky within the beautiful Lapis stone.



Planet Earth, Moon, Venus and Pluto

Chakra Root, Sacral, Heart and Throat


Larimar is formed from the limestone of an ancient extinct volcano in the Caribbean Islands of Hispaniola. It has a direct connection to the powerful feminine forces of creation at work on our Mother Earth. It has beautiful water patterns and swirls of blue like reflections on the water. Larimar purges all negative emotions and thoughts leaving space for peace, serenity, gratitude and creativity to enter instead. Larimar is an Ocean Goddess stone with powerful healing ability. It has the four elements of earth, air, fire and water within it bringing balance to the elements within you.



Planet Earth, Moon, Pluto and Neptune

Chakra Root, Sacral, Throat and Crown


Larvikite comes from Norway and is also known as Norweigan Black Moonstone. It is a shamanic stone that takes you into the unconscious realms delving deep into right brain imagination. Larvikite is a stone of higher learning and communication that helps with being receptive to inner journeys. It  can let you obtain interdimensional knowledge and wisdom. Larvikites reflective properties protect the aura during any astral travels or out of body experiences. It helps to integrate all aspects of yourself and assists in refining your personality.

Lemurian Aquatine Calcite


Planet Earth, Venus, Mercury and Neptune

Chakra Root, Heart, Throat and Crown

Lemurian Aquatine Calcite is a form of banded calcite that is mined in the mountains of Argentina. It attunes you to the ancient civilizations of Lemuria and Atlantis for ancient knowledge. Lemurian Calcite is strongly aligned with the element of water, and clears the fluids of the body and heals the emotions. Lemurian calcite is very soothing yet powerfully healing of the higher chakras. It nourishes the emotions with love so you become more receptive and calm connecting with your Divine source self. Lemurian Calcite is powerful to use for telepathy between humans, dolphins, mermaids and other beings who come from watery worlds. It is perfect to help with dream recall and to develop your intuition.

Lemurian Quartz


Planet Sun, Moon, Venus, and Saturn

Chakra Solar Plexus, Sacral, Heart and 3rd Eye


Lemurian Quartz is a form of quartz that has horizontal lines like small grooves along the crystal surface. These are caused by the changing information and conditions during its blueprint of manifestation. Lemurian quartz connects you to your own hearts wisdom and raises you consciousness in steps so that you can integrate slowly the new vibrational cosmic and spiritual energies within the body. For those who are psychic these crystals can teach you about the ancient civilization of Lemuria. It can reveal teachings of how to raise your energies out of fear and negative conditioning , helping you to prevent destructive actions or habits that are triggered by fears or ego mania. Lemurian quartz will bring more clarity in your life about where you are at and where you are headed.

Lemon Chyrsoprase


Planet Earth, Sun, and Moon

Chakra Root, Solar Plexus and Heart

lemon chrysoprase

Lemon Chrysoprase is a stone that regulates the solar plexus and connects it with the heart chakra. Lemon Chyrsoprase promotes Universal Love and inspires new change and creativity. It dissolves any fears from ego and makes you aware of your actions and drives behind them. It attunes you to higher will and emits peaceful and soothing energies.

Lemon Quartz


Planet Sun, Venus, Saturn and Jupiter

Chakra Solar Plexus, Heart, 3rd Eye and Crown


Lemon Quartz is a light yellow form of quartz that has a strong connection to the sun and solar Deities. It brings to light things that you did not consider before about situations and others. Lemon Quartz quickens the mind for decision making and ensures you focus your true intentions. It assits you to make the right choices in life even if those choices are the hardest ones to make. It gives clarity that is no longer being obscured by outside circumstances. Lemon Quartz purifies the solar plexus and balances the will with the heart  and mind to bring wholeness and integrity.



Planet Mars, Venus, and Mercury

Chakra Sacral, Heart and Throat


Lepidocrocite is a powerful fire and water elemental crystal that has an iron content. Some crystals have little specs of Hematite micca in the quartz which is also known as Harlequin Quartz. Lepidocrocite is powerful to use for mental telepathy and other forms of empathy communication. It has a strong energy of passion joy and love. It creates the flow of desires and can enhance the sexual libido.



Planet Venus, Mercury, Uranus and Jupiter

Chakra Heart, Throat, 3rd Eye and Crown


Lepidolite is a stone of joy and gratitude teaching us to truly express ourselves without inhibitions or fears of failure. It assists in bringing peace out of chaos and balances out energies. Lepidolite is a very protective and nurturing stone bringing calm and serenity. It opens the 3rd eye and crown chakras for clear higher self communication and inspiration.

Lepidolite Madagascar


Planet Earth, Venus, Pluto and Jupiter

Chakra Root, Heart, Throat and Crown

Lepidolite Madagascar is a form of Lepidolite that can have a combination of Smoky Quartz, Aquamarine, Pink Tourmaline and Micca. It comes from Madagascar and is the perfect crystal to uplift and expand the heart and mind. This crystal will bring emotional healing and help with issues around forgiveness. Lepidolite Madagascar can help you to have a clarity of purpose and make challenges more fun with joy and laughter. It helps with clear communication within a group.

Lepidolite Pink Tourmaline


Planet Earth, Venus, and Jupiter

Chakra Root, Heart and Crown


Lepidolite with Pink Tourmaline is a very heart centered stone that assists in harnessing the vibrations of Universal love and radiating that love back into the environment. It teaches that giving and receiving love is the most important ability for our lives.

Llanite Que Sera


Planet Earth, Moon, Venus and Saturn

Chakra Root, Sacral, Heart and 3rd Eye


Llanite is 1.6 billion years old and was formed when the earth was molten. Llanite from Brazil has blue quartz within it making it very strikinig in appearance. It is a powerful stone to connect to Universal cosmic energies and the energy of the Earth. It connects with all the nature spirits of Mother Earth and can help us to communicate with them. It teaches us to respect all of life because everything has consciousness, even the rocks, crystals and trees. Llanite activates and harmonizes the heart, 3rd eye and root chakras. It enhances clairaudience, telepathy and astral travel. It is an ancient Goddess stone that can attune us to Mother Earth consciousness.

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