Cleansing And Programming Your Crystals

Cleansing And Programming Your Crystals

Because crystals absorb, store, emit and amplify energies, they need to be cleansed on occasion. When you first purchase or find a crystal or stone, it has had an imprint from the environment or the people who have been in contact with it. Crystals and stones can be cleansed in different ways, so I will share with you what works well from my own experience.

Visualization of  White Light

It is always a good method to visualize the spiritual white light glowing around your crystals and penetrating through them. You can channel your own inner spiritual light from your heart down through your arms, hands and fingers into the crystal. You may want to ask Angels to assist in this process, or any of your higher dimensional spirit guides.


Using the Sun

Some people recommend placing your crystals into the Sun for a few hours. I must tell you that some crystals don’t like strong sun and it can actually bleach the crystal colour. You can also find that some of the magnifying types of crystals like clear quartz take the sun rays and can start a fire especially in hot summer sun weather.

I have seen evidence of this myself at a crystal show, a large crystal ball of quartz started to smoke the material it was placed on in the hot day sun. Considering this, I would be very careful of where I place any crystal inside the home, or in the garden. Placing a crystal inside on a window ledge that gets direct strong sun would not be a good idea. To use the Sun as a cleanser, I would use the late afternoon or early morning Sun, out in the back yard for just one hour.


Using the Moon

The full moon can shine rays upon the Earth, and most crystals enjoy a good Moon bath. Crystals can be cleansed by the full moon and can also benefit being placed partially into the Earth on a waning moon when the moon is barely visible and going dark. On a waning moon, the energies are being withdrawn, and it is a good time to do any banishing of unwanted energies.


Incense Smudging

Another method of crystal cleansing is using an incense stick or smudge bundle of sage. Choose a good banishing incense like White sage, Frankincense, Myrhh or Sandalwood.
Light your incense then hold your crystal in your left hand and gently pass it through the smoke, making sure you do this all around the form of the crystal for at least one minute.


Using Spring Water

There are some methods of using water to cleanse a crystal. But keep in mind that some crystals can dissolve their form from water, and salt water can seep into crevices in a stone and damage it over time. The crystals that should not be cleansed using water are Selenite, Halite, Lapis Lazuli, Malachite, and Turquoise. Using pure water in a mist spray bottle, or holding your crystal in a clear pond of pure water can be a safe method for quartz crystals. You could also use gently running clear water from a mountain stream.


Using Salt Water

Some people have used the salt water collected from an ocean to sit their crystals in to cleanse them, however some crystals can get damaged from the high salt content by absorbing the salt into their form. It has been recommended in books to sit your crystals in a bowl of water with some sea salt overnight and for hours at a time, but I would not recommend this method. The reason not to bathe your crystals in salt water for hours is because you don’t want to remove any programme that Universal Spirit has programmed into the making of that crystal and its purpose.

Also the faery and devic nature beings could have programmed important information into the crystal to help communicate healing and sacred knowledge. Sea salt should only be used to cleanse a crystal if the crystal gives you permission to do this, because it will neutralize all energies by electrically charging, changing and wiping out all programmes including any positive ones. I don’t use this method especially if I want to continue using the built up positive energies stored in the crystal energy field.

When you first make contact with a crystal after purchasing or finding one, it is very important to respect it, so use a crystal pendulum to ask which method of cleansing would be appropriate not to harm it or the spiritual beings that might be connected with the crystal field. It is very important that some of the crystals like Elestials, Record keepers, Lemurian seeds, Atlantian or ET type crystals are not entirely wiped of their information that is stored not only within them, but also into the energy field around them.

Please understand that all crystals have been given to us from the Earth Mother as a gift with something important to teach us, we need to respect her and the nature spirits or benevolent extraterrestrials who look after what the crystals can communicate to us.

I have come to understand that over the years of working with crystals, that they all have a certain personality and have at least two energy fields that surround them. One of the energy fields is like a blueprint of the crystal’s purpose and how it came into being like its DNA makeup. The other field which interpenetrates the first one and emanates around the crystal is the energy field which can be programmed with a transmission of memory data via thoughts and emotions or channeled energy with purpose.

Therefore considering this, I use other methods instead of soaking them in strong salt water or covering them in salt. Any prior energies that have imprinted into the crystal from an outer environmental influence, can be removed with less severe methods that will leave the core energy field largely untouched. This ensures the crystal can still serve its spiritual purpose unhindered. If you require a strong cleanse then place the crystal into the Earth for a few weeks.


Using The Earth

Cleansing your crystal energies by burying them fully into the Earth for a few days can work wonders at getting rid of any negative energies from them.
It would be a good idea to do this when it is a waning or dark moon cycle. You could wrap your crystals in a cloth, or place them into a tied up pouch, before burying them if they are intricate and you don’t want soil trapped into them.

You can use the same method of wrapping your crystals and burying them in a beach sand dune, where you know the tide would not reach them and wet them. Crystals come from inside Mother Earth and some are also found in sand, so they feel quite at home there when they need to be realigned with their original spiritual purpose, and to be recharged again.


Sound Cleansing

Another good method of cleansing your crystals is by using sound vibration. You can use a brass bell, Tibetan cymbals, or a singing bowl. If using a singing bowl, gong the side of the bowl and rotate the handle around the bowl’s exterior anticlockwise until the bowl gives a nice deep resonating sound and then keep up the pace of rotation.

Begin moving the bowl over your crystals environment whilst keeping the sound resonating strongly and do this for a couple of minutes. If using a large quartz crystal singing bowl you can place your crystal inside of it whilst making the bowl sing.


Using Other Crystals To Cleanse

You can cleanse your crystals using another crystal cluster like Amethyst or Citrine. Both of these types of crystals will cleanse others that are placed upon them over a 24 hour period.



Some crystals don’t like to be sitting in a bowl of salt and if left too long can eat away some of the crystal surface. Always check if your type of crystal can sit in pure salt and for how long. Remember also to respect the crystal Deva spirits who reside inside the crystal.


Flower Essences

Using flower essences to cleanse crystals is a good natural method and can be mist sprayed over those crystals that are sensitive to water content. Here is a list of some popular flower essences that are used particularly for crystal cleansing and re-energizing.


Australian Bush Flower Essences

Angelsword – to cleanse a crystal of psychic debris attaching to the crystal.
Jaccaranda – to help balance a crystal whose energies have become scattered.
Mountain Devil – cleanses a crystal of all absorbed energies from a harsh environment where there have been feelings and thought energies of hatred, anger, and malice. This is a good cleanser for crystals who are used in crystal healing that have been placed onto a client.


Other Flower Essences

Rhododendron – This helps to balance and energize the crystal.
Camelia – Reconnects the crystal to its natural 2nd Dimensional elemental kingdom for a stronger revitalized energy.
Yellow Hibertia – Cleanses the crystal of any etheric 4th Dimensional parasites or entities.
Red Daisy – Dissolves any energetic cord ties that cause unhealthy attachment in relationships like by being possessive, controlling, angry, unforgiving, not able to let go of an ended relationship.
White Magnolia – An all- round purifying and powerful crystal cleanser.
Lavender – A very purifying crystal cleanser.
Lotus – Aligns the crystal with its spiritual essence and Divine purpose again.
Rose – Cleanses and surrounds the crystal with the vibrations of Universal love and protection.


How To Programme Your Crystals With A Purpose

Once you have cleansed and bonded with your crystals, it is now time to programme them with a purpose. Crystals are our friends, and like friends they can be there to help us in many different ways. Friends can calm us, heal us, bring joy, make us see truths, or kick us up the bum to get us moving forward.

To programme your intentions into your crystal you need to create a peaceful and quiet environment away from electromagnetic smog or noise from tv, radio, cell phones, and computers. Standing outside in nature or in your garden on a sunny day is a good choice because you are a clearer channel of energies from the Sun and Earth.

To begin to programme your intention, take a few deep breaths whilst holding your crystal. Imagine a golden ball of light forming inside of your heart, see it growing and expanding with golden light to the size of a small soccer ball. Now also visualize a golden ball of light at the top of your crown and one in front of your third eye, see them growing in golden light also.

Hold your crystal and think about your intention and as you do this, imagining all three golden balls of light connecting inside the heart first and then moving down your arm into your hand and lastly into your crystal. Take your time and don’t rush this, wait until you feel the intention mixed with love has been programmed into your crystal. Once you feel the crystal has taken the intention and the energy associated with it, thank your crystal for this blessing.

Once your crystal has been programmed you can now place it in your personal space, on a grid layout or just have it in a pouch on your person and carry it around with you. You can re-do this process after a couple of months to keep the energies and intentions strong. If you choose to programme your crystal with a different purpose, then you must tell the crystal thankyou for serving its purpose, that you will cleanse it from the previous programme, and that you will re-programme it with a new intention.

This article written by Anita Allen.

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