Cabochon Slab Parcel x 4 $29.99

Cabochon Slab Parcel x 4. A stunning beautiful mix of rare pre cut cab slabs. All slabs are natural, unpolished and untreated.


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Cabochon Slab Parcel x 4.

A stunning mix of pre cut cabochon slabs.

All slabs are natural,unpolished and untreated.

Photographed wet to show colours.


Shattukite / 64 x 35 x 9mm / From Congo Africa.

Texan Llanite / 50 x 33 x 8mm / From Texas USA.

Chrysoprase / 35 x 30 x 9mm / From Australia.

Pilbara Jasper / 55 x 40 x 7mm / From Western Australia.

Combined weight is 158 grams.

Metaphysical Properties:

Shattukite From Congo.
Shattukite is a stone which raises vibrational frequency, it helps to clear the psychic centers, the chakras, and seals the auric field around the body in a protective bubble. It is very protective of your energy fields during astral travel or interdimensional communications such as mediumship or channelling.

Texan Llanite From Texas USA.
Llanite is 1.6 billion years old, therefore it is a great stone to connect the Cosmic Universal energies with Mother Earth. It connects with all the nature spirits of Earth and assists us in communication with them. It teaches us to respect all of life because everything has consciousness even the rocks, crystals, plants and animals.

Chrysoprase From Australia
Chrysoprase is one of the strongest green stones for Universal love and prosperity. It is regenerating for the heart, body and tissues. A good stone for all heart issues and relationships that need forgiveness.

Pilbara Jasper From Western Australia.
Pilbara Jasper is a jasper found in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. This Stone has great healing energies for the veins, blood vessels of the body. It has strong protective energies for the etheric body and connects you with Mother Earth. Where it has formed, it is has a strong alignment with the Native Original Peoples of Western Australia, and can assist in reconciliation of past traumas.

Weight 158 g
Dimensions 64 × 35 × 9 mm
Shattukite From Congo

Dimensions, 64 x 35 x 9mm.

Texas Llanite

Dimensions, 50 x 33 x 8mm.


Dimensions, 35 x 30 x 9mm.

Pilbara Jasper

Dimensions, 55 x 40 x 7mm.


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