Cabochon Slab Parcel x 4

Cabochon Slab Parcel x 4. A beautiful mix of pre cut cab slabs. All slabs are natural and untreated.


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Cabochon Slab Parcel x 4.

A beautiful mix of pre cut cab slabs.

All slabs are natural and untreated.

Ocean Jasper with Druzy / 48 x 40 x 10mm / From Madagascar.

Tigers Eye Blue and Gold / 40 x 32 x 7mm / From Western Australia.

Texan Llanite / 55 x 30 x 8mm / From Texas USA.

Apache Gold / 40 x 40 x 7mm / From USA.

Combined weight is 135 grams.

Metaphysical Properties:

Cabochon Slab Parcel x 4.

Ocean Jasper. From Madagascar.
Ocean Jasper is a stone that assists in balancing the yin and yang energies of the body. It is a very protective nurturing and healing stone.

Tigers Eye Blue and Gold. From Western Australia.
Tigers Eye Blue and Gold Tigers Eye is a stone of courage, daring and self confidence. It heals the will and solar plexus chakra bringing it into balance and strenghtening the vitality.

Texan Llanite. From Texas USA.
Texan Llanite. Llanite is 1.6 billion years old therefore it is a great stone to connect to universal energies with Mother Earth. It connects with all the nature spirits of Earth and assists us in communication with them. It teaches us to respect all of life because everything has consciousness even the rocks, crystals, plants and animals. Texan Llanite brings the bioenergetic subtle energies of the body into a higher frequency and resonance.

Apache Gold. From USA.
Apache Gold is a combination of magnetite and gold pyrite which is a high vibrational stone that assists in grounding the higher energies into the physical body. Also a great stone to assist in important decisions. This stone also goes by the name of healers gold because it regulates all imbalances in the body for healing.

Weight135 g
Ocean Jasper with Druzy

Dimensions, 48 x 40 x 10mm.

Tigers Eye Blue and Gold

Dimensions, 40 x 32 x 7mm.

Texan Llanite

Dimensions, 55 x 30 x 8mm.

Apache Gold

Dimensions, 40 x 40 x 7mm.


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