Turquoise Blue Botryoidal Aragonite

 Blue Aragonite clears the emotional body strengthening intuition and psychic abilities.



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Stunning Rare Blue Aragonite From  Helmand Afghanistan

This specimen has a lovely rich turquoise blue colour with a mix of white aragonite on one side. It comes with the stand for display .It is a must have for any serious crystal collector. 

Dimensions  L 110mm H 90mm W 25mm

Weight is 320 grams.

Metaphysical Properties:

Blue Aragonite  combats reactionary anger and oversensitivity it teaches patience and flexibility.

Blue Aragonite  is a calcium carbonate mineral forming from calcium deposits from the sea with a mix of fresh water. It clears the emotional body and strengthens psychic abilities. Blue aragonite transforms geopathic stress and can help to clear blocked earth leylines. It centers and grounds energies during challenging times. Blue Aragonite is a very important stone because it initiates changes in our beliefs and what our mind has been habitually tuned into. It awakens consciousness and expands our awareness beyond body ego reminding us that we are spiritual essence and not just a physical body.



Weight320 g
Dimensions110 × 90 × 25 mm


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