Rainbow Fluorite Crystal Point

Rainbow Fluorite protects and grounds your spirit into the physical body. This crystal will be good to use during meditation and brings clarity of purpose to your awareness.


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Rainbow Fluorite Crystal Point.

Beautiful bands of rainbow colours in this lovely Fluorite Point from China.

Holding the 7 rays and colour frequencies within this amazing Fluorite point.

Dimensions L 90mm H 25mm W 20mm. Combined Weight is 88 grams.

A crystal that helps to balance and seal your aura.

Metaphysical Properties:

Rainbow Fluorite is a strong healing and balancing crystal that empowers you. Rainbow Fluorite protects and grounds your higher self spirit more fully into your physical body. This crystal can do wonders if you feel a bit indecisive about what actions to take. It will bring clarity during meditation and help to reveal things you never thought of before. It removes any imbalance or energy blockages in your chakras and meridians. It helps to seal the aura in all 7 rays of frequency.
Weight88 g
Dimensions90 × 25 × 20 mm


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