Orange Calcite ET Head Carving

Orange Calcite creates vitality and an optimistic mindset that helps you to move forward with confidence.


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Orange Calcite ET Head Crystal Carving From Mexico  

Perfectly carved this unique crystal skull is a lovely addition to your crystal collection that can be used in healing or meditation. 

Dimensions L 50mm H 45mm W 40mm.

Weight is 140 grams.

Orange Calcite    

Metaphysical Properties:

Orange Calcite  is a great stone for all creativity and utilizing sexucal creative energies for self transformation towards enlightenment.  

Orange Calcite has  strong solar energies empowering the solar plexus chakra  and 2nd sacral chakra for vitality and self esteem. It encourages you to move forward through challenges with optimism and self confidence.  Orange Calcite is a great stone to use for creative inspirations and to open up the imagination. The carving of the ET can also assist in communications from the star visitors.

Weight140 g
Dimensions50 × 45 × 40 mm


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