Fairy Quartz White Phantom Twin Crystals

Fairy Quartz White Phantom Tantric Twin Crystals are high vibrational crystals that can help any relationship move to a higher spiritual level. Perfect crystal gift where you and you partner can have one each as a representation of your love.


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Fairy Quartz White Phantom Twin Crystals

Sparkly fairy quartz crystals that have white phantoms inside their tips.

Stunning Very Rare Tantric Twin Fairy Quartz x 2 From Madagascar.

Dimensions L 80mm H 33mm W 20mm.

Weight is 104 grams.

Metaphysical Properties:

Fairy Quartz Crystals have similar properties to the Spirit Quartz family. The crystals upon the surface of the main crystal is a lot finer than the larger spirit quartz variety.

Fairy Quartz is a higher dimensional quartz that also attunes to Mother Earth and nature spirits. A powerful healing crystal that attracts the Fae spirits and interdimensional beings that are the caretakers and healers of plants, animals and the mineral kingdom.
Quartz Phantom crystals are created when a mineral forms a blueprint and then the quartz forms over the original mineral. It embodies Universal consciousness and helps to heal us and the Earth during the stages of our evolution. Phantoms are great to use during meditation to connect fully with our higher self. White Phantoms harness the spiritual consciousness integrating it more fully in the physical body and reminds us of our inner light and wisdom.
Tantric Twins or Twin Crystals grow together and can be similar or nearly identical in form to eachother. Twin crystals are there to teach us about important relationships, love, romance and soulmates. They can assist in healing a relationship through forgiveness, or can help to end strong grieving of a lost loved one. Twin crystals can attract love, or bring balance and new growth to all forms of relationships that you focus upon.

Weight104 g
Dimensions80 × 33 × 20 mm


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