Caribbean Calcite Aragonite Obelisk

Caribbean Calcite calms and soothes the emotional body releasing stress and eliminating anxiety.


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Caribbean Calcite Obelisk From Pakistan   

A lovely sky blue Calcite with Aragonite crystal that will attune you to the sky and sea. 

Dimensions L 110mm H 40mm W 30mm.

Weight is 363 grams.

Caribbean Calcite     

Metaphysical Properties:

Caribbean Calcite  helps to ground the higher frequencies of spirit into the physical body.  

Caribbean Calcite  calms and soothes the emotional body releasing stress and anxiety. The blue Calcite is soothing yet activating of the 3rd eye and throat chakras. The brown Aragonite helps to ground the spirituality  into daily life activities. The white Aragonite helps to connect you with your spiritual self and spirit guides. It is a very balancing stone because of its combination of minerals. Placed near your bedside it will assist with dream recall and heightens your intuition for interpretation of visions.

Weight363 g
Dimensions110 × 40 × 30 mm


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