Apophyllite Clear Crystal Cluster

Apophyllite is a very high frequency stone attuning to the higher dimensions and angelic realms.


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Apophyllite Clear Crystal Cluster From India 

Stunning Clear Apophyllite cluster with a small amount of Stilbite. This Apophyllite cluster has 2 double terminated crystals with beautiful clarity. It is a must have for any serious crystal collector. 

Dimensions  L 70mm H 50mm W 45mm

Weight is 102 grams.

Metaphysical Properties:

Apophyllite is a high frequency crystal connecting to the Angelic realms.

Apophyllite  provides a pure and spiritual environment and when placed as a grid around the corners of the house It will create a strong energy field against negative archons and malefic energies. This is a stone of ascension and strenghthens communication with one’s spirit guardians.

Stilbite strengthens and expands the heart centre providing a gentle but persistent expansion of  consciousness during meditation. It balances both hemispheres of the brain and clears any mental confusion.




Weight102 g
Dimensions70 × 50 × 45 mm


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