Amethyst Red Cap Natural Crystal

Amethyst Red Cap is a form of Amethyst with a Hematite red coating over its apex point.


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Empowering Amethyst Red Cap Crystal  From Brazil 

Powerful and natural red Hematite capped Amethyst a must for your crystal healing collection. 

Dimensions L 90mm H 60mm W 40mm.

Weight is 152 grams.

Amethyst Red Cap

Metaphysical Properties:

Amethyst Red Cap is a powerfully protective crystal that cleanses all energies of the aura and physical body.

Amethyst Red Cap can be found in Canada, Brazil, and Namibia. It links the root chakra with the crown of the head, grounding spirit into matter.  It clears the meridians and helps to align the kundalini currents of energy flowing up the spine. Amethyst Red Cap can help to give you the courage and strength during difficult life situations. It enhances your drives, ignites more passion and desires which can transform your whole being. It strongly attracts love and romance by bringing in the love frequencies.

Weight152 g
Dimensions90 × 60 × 40 mm


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