Anita Allen ARTWORKS Gallery

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I have always been inspired by Mother Earth, the natural elements and her creations of plants, animals, and crystals. I enjoy experiencing nature so bush walking is one of my favourite things to do.

When I am in nature I always take the camera and take photos for inspiration of my artworks. It can be a spontaneous process of something that captures my eye or heart and then I photograph it.
With the crystals and stones I also take photographs with a USB Microscope camera. This brings the crystal world to a very mysterious level for me and I love all the patterns and details at the micro level.
It opens up new worlds that are deep and mysterious.

Sometimes when I create my crystal artworks beings will appear in them mostly animals which is amazing because it happens by fluke as I experiment with them. I definitely feel the connection with nature and it reveals something new to me every time during the creative process.

Some of my artworks I have also written short stories to go with them as a way to open up the imagination and
I have fun with creative writing.

I hope you enjoy my gallery of nature and crystal artworks blessings Anita.

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