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Hi and welcome to Art10Zen.

At Art10Zen, we offer a range of unique polished crystals, natural crystals, minerals, polished and rough stone, cabochons, handmade jewellery, and our own designed artworks.

We love working with Mother Nature, her inspirations, and have enjoyed meditating with different crystals and stones for over 15 years. Through our own experiences with stones and crystals we have gained wisdom and understanding which we couldn’t have attained without them.

We practice our own lapidary, cutting and polishing stones, which is like an active type of meditation.

Our relationship with crystals is ongoing and they continue to teach us and inspire us into new challenges and growth. The mineral kingdom is also evolving with us on this planet and are here as our teachers and guides towards the shift in consciousness.

Working with crystals and stones transforms us and our environment into a more harmonious and balanced state when we are receptive and work in co-operation with them. They are powerful and should be loved and respected, for crystals and stones have consciousness also. Our hearts are the key to communion with them.

Everything Is Energy In Motion.

Everything is energy in motion, so sometimes we need to empower ourselves up and take action in the world. Other times we need to slow down, become serene, rest, self reflect and centre ourselves before taking any more actions. Crystals and stones will reveal many things about ourselves and our environment.

We have found that crystals and stones are important tools for our soul journey on this Earth.

They reconnect us with nature and bring health into our crystalline body.
Because the modern world is made of many artificial components and energies, crystals bring back the balance of Universal connection and harmony.

Mother Nature, and her gifts are our main inspiration.


Mother Nature, and her gifts are our main inspiration for our artworks and creations.

We love the geometries of crystals and stones that reveal worlds within worlds.

At Art10Zen our purpose is to share our knowledge and experiences with others, through our artworks, designs and information archives. We want to inspire you by sharing the beauty of Mother Earth, her mysteries and her gifts.

Anita and Ian.


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